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Finding Us ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about James and I. About our relationship. About him. About me. About our likes and dislikes. About what makes us ‘click’. I’ve also been thinking a lot about marriage… and about how often I hear people in long term relationships (who know they want to marry their partner) say...

Crazy ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I didn’t realize what a calming presence Phoenix was in our home until she was gone. And now, I can’t help but think I’ve gone a bit crazy since she passed away… like a little bit of my sanity left along with her. Some days I feel okay, but then other days I feel like...

A Glimpse… ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

The past few days felt like I was getting a glimpse into my future… I had a busy weekend full of sessions and a wedding (as usual lately), and then I had Monday off from my day job to catch-up on editing & recover from a weekend of go-go-going. I guess none of these things...

Silence ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I feel like I’ve been rather quiet on here as of late. When you click on the “personal” category (that used to be filled with silly/funny/random tidbits about my life) — all that comes up are sad posts about Phoenix for the most part.  When I realized that, I kind of stopped writing… because I...

Grief Is Strange

So apparently grieving is a strange process. One moment I’m good, the next moment I feel nauseous, the next moment I’m laughing, and every night when I lay in bed (much too late) to go to sleep – I inevitably start to cry. But in general grieving is one thing for sure – exhausting. I...

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