The Importance of Family Photos ~ Our Photos by Simply by Suzy

I can’t even emphasize enough how important the photos we’ve had done over the years are to us. Sure, I obsessively take photos of our kids and family with my iPhone and even sometimes my “real” cameras, but oddly – there is nothing like allowing another person into your home (or meeting them out at your favorite spot in the city) and seeing how your family looks from another person’s perspective. You know – actually have YOU be IN the photos for once too.

If you’ve been here long, you know we adore Suzy of Simply by Suzy. She has a way of capturing our family in such a truly honest way that I absolutely can’t get enough of. She documented our boys’ birth and their newborn session. Since then she’s done a mini session for us (which you can see HERE), and we had the honor of spending a whole lot of time with her recently because we got to be the family she was photographing in a new video she is making for her business. That meant we got to see her the DAY BEFORE I went to the hospital to have Aya, as well as the day she was born, a couple days after that while James and I were still in the hospital with her, and again later that month for a true newborn session that included our whole family at our home.

I have been holding onto these for a while because I almost wanted to keep these precious moments just to ourselves… Is that weird? But then I thought you all should see and also thought I could preach to you a bit about how important these moments are to document. LOL. 🙂 Aya already looks so different (and even looks different on day one vs. the at home session a few weeks later – which is crazy)! And even our boys are changing at a crazy fast pace too. All these seasons are so beautiful in their own way and I’m so grateful we have them on film to remember always. Now here we go… a super long post including all of our recent shoots with Suzy.

Suzy there are no words to say except WE SIMPLY LOVE YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.


We’ll start with our Day Before the baby arrives session at home:

Chicago Newborn Photographer_0001Chicago Newborn Photographer_0002Chicago Newborn Photographer_0003Chicago Newborn Photographer_0004Chicago Newborn Photographer_0005Chicago Newborn Photographer_0006Chicago Newborn Photographer_0007Chicago Newborn Photographer_0008Chicago Newborn Photographer_0009Chicago Newborn Photographer_0010Chicago Newborn Photographer_0011Chicago Newborn Photographer_0012Chicago Newborn Photographer_0013Chicago Newborn Photographer_0014Chicago Newborn Photographer_0015Chicago Newborn Photographer_0016


Then her arrival (hours after her birth you can see at the end of this post HERE). Those shared below are from the day we were discharged from the hospital:

Chicago Hospital Newborn Photos_0001Chicago Hospital Newborn Photos_0002Chicago Hospital Newborn Photos_0003Chicago Hospital Newborn Photos_0004Chicago Hospital Newborn Photos_0005Chicago Hospital Newborn Photos_0006Chicago Hospital Newborn Photos_0007Chicago Hospital Newborn Photos_0008Chicago Hospital Newborn Photos_0009


Last by not least, our at home newborn session with the whole crazy crew:

Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0001Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0002Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0003Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0004Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0005Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0006Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0007Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0008Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0009Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0010Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0011Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0012Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0013Chicago At Home Lifestyle Newborn Session_0014


My goodness – these just give me allll the feels. Love.

(See the other photos Suzy did for our family when our boys were born HERE and HERE.)

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