July Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

Well, hello there, August! You sure snuck up on me! I thought July was going to feel less busy than June because we didn’t have as many weddings, but it turns out that I filled it up as much as possible with engagements and elopements and everything else!! So before I knew it – another month had flown by in a flash! Now we’re scrambling to play catch-up on editing and get all our ducks in a row before heading to the Pacific Northwest on Friday to spend some time with my brothers in Seattle and Oregon!

Anyway, here’s what July behind the scenes looked like for us! 😉


1. We kicked off the month with some family time back in small town, Wisconsin over the 4th!  We hit up the parade (& the kids loved it)!

2. We went up to the park for some picnic fun, where I caught this super RARE moment of brotherly love!! I neared died! How cute are they?!

3. And I snapped a typical moment between these two best buds! I hope they are always this close as they continue to grow!

4. On the road back to Chicago with the world’s worst back seat driver! 😉

5. She always remembers to stop and smell the roses. (Seriously.)

6. My attempts at trying some ‘wedding day hairdos’… not super successful, but not awful.



1. Her favorite place to spent the morning.

2. Me and my road dog! 😉

3. Summer Bucket List success! We hit up the local city pool for lunch break!

4. AND we made it up to Miller Park for a Brewers game! I may not have eaten a pretzel (I was waaaay too full from bloody mary’s and BBQ!), but Jen got one, so that counts, right?!

5. Summer isn’t complete without blueberry pie. Am I right?!

6. We got caught in a serious DOWNPOUR while out on a walk and we were still quite a ways from home!! Thankfully – it doesn’t look like she was too mad at me… haha.



1. How Chloe watches the Bachelorette.

2. One morning on our back deck I had about a 30-minute-long photo shoot with these two cherries + a mason jar. True story. (They were just so pretty & the light was too!)

3. Morning alarm clock most days.

4. One of my favorite views in Galena, on the road to Dubuque for Abby & Brian’s wedding!

5. I think their eyes are saying, “Just stop. Put the camera phone down, lady.”

6. Sometimes in the middle of a workday I hear a bunch of ruckus and look over to the bed to find this.

7. Wedding work-dress shopping success!



1. We were taking a selfie during at break at Stacy & Joe’s wedding when a nice woman asked if she could help and snap it for us… to which we said, “Sure!!” But apparently both of us weren’t quite ready for the picture! 😉 haha

2. Speaking of Stacy & Joe’s wedding…. OH.MY.WORD. just …. all the pretty!!!! SO much pretty to share with you guys on the blog tomorrow! SO! MUCH! PRETTY!

3. Someone is most definitely loved.

4. What’s that you say? It’s weird that my dog Facetime’s with my brother?! Never!!

5. A much needed dinner out after a busy busy day of non-stop sessions. We had the tastiest salads and shared a bottle of wine (half-priced bottles for the win!) at one of our favorite spots in the city, Wilde.

6. James picked me up ingredients for s’mores!!! But he didn’t realize he picked up JUMBO marshmallows. Apparently bigger is not really better. These were hard to get to toast all the way through and were SO giant the entire thing squished out of the s’more while I ate it. haha. But I forgive him… because – duh – S’MORES!



Onward we go into August – which should be full of lots of behind the scenes pics since we’re taking some time off from sessions & weddings to focus on other parts of the business (ahem, this pile of editing), each other, and family!! We have a vacation planned, a stay-cation planned, family visits scheduled, and some much needed time for R&R! xoxo

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