Wardrobe Wednesday ~ Stitch Fix Review & Wedding Wear

In May I got my first Stitch Fix package in the mail and I took to Instagram to crowd source all of your opinions. After the overwhelming response (that I couldn’t keep track of) – I decided that this month I had to take my Stitch Fix to the blog to gather all your opinions!


For those of you that aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix – you basically fill out a style profile, fill in your preferences, your size, what you’re looking for clothes for, and your price range – and they send you clothes they think you might like! You pay a $20 “styling fee”, but if you keep anything – the styling fee is applied to your order! And if you keep the whole order – you get 25% off everything! I love it because I often just don’t have time to shop – and because I’m bad about trying new things. I tend to pretty much roll into J.Crew and Banana Republic, get what feels safe that I like, and leave. So I’ve loved Stitch Fix because it has made me think a little outside of my normal wardrobe box!

Anyway – here are the 5 pieces they sent me this month! Let me know what you think!


Piece #1: Margaret M Straight Leg White Jeans

First impression: Upon first glance this pair of jeans looks like it will fit a toddler. hahaha I went to put them on and could seriously BARELY fit my butt into them (it took a lot of jumping/coaxing/squishing, which James documented because he thought it was hilarious). Who knew you needed a zipper & button so much?! Also, these appeared to have a high waist and maternity pant-like stretchy waist band, which I originally vetoed, but upon trying them on realized as long as I wear long enough shirts – nobody will see that – and daaaaaang that stretchy waist band is comfy!

Final thoughts: I actually (surprisingly) ended up mostly liking these and have been itching to get a pair of new white jeans – but think I could use one size bigger… but I’m not sure they exchange for a new size through this service. Womp. Womp. 🙁



Piece #2: Eight Sixty Filbert Arrow Print Henley Blouse

First Impression: Love the pattern and cut!

Final thoughts: I really think I love this piece, but James for some reason “hates the poofy sleeves and weird elbow cut” – so it made me more iffy about it. Thoughts?



Piece #3: Eight Sixty Rodrigo Raceback Printed Stripe Tank

First Impression: WHOA. Those are some serious colors & patterns!

Final thoughts: I just don’t think I love this enough. Also – it’s a bit flashy for me, and I don’t think I’d have enough places to wear it to make it worthwhile.



Piece #4: 41Hawthorn McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse

First Impression: Seems cute. Love the navy. Love the lace accent on the sleeves and the keyhole back.

Final thoughts: Cute. (James likes it.) But still on the fence… thoughts?



Piece #5: Leota Darrah Belted 3/4 Sleeve Faux Wrap Dress

First Impression: That’s a serious pattern! And cannot be very flattering!!

Final thoughts: I was right! Not super flattering and just “meh” overall. (Unless you all can convince me otherwise – thoughts?!)



And as a bonus round  (*which I don’t want your opinions on because these have already been purchased (not from Stitch Fix)) are a couple of my new wedding wear dresses that people asked me to blog about after I posted about going shopping for new work dresses last week! So here they are! 🙂 Both from Banana Republic! Both super stretchy, high quality, and fabulous!!

Gemma Wrap Dress (Super comfy, high-quality, and perfect for fall and winter weddings!) & the Sloan Dress (Structured, yet stretchy, with wonderfully thick material that I’m comfortable shooting in all day – spring, summer, fall or winter!)



What?! You know Chloe was going crazy when James and I were doing this make-shift photo shoot in the living room, so she needed in on a photo or two! haha! 🙂

So…. What do YOU think?! Tell me which Stitch Fix items are keepers, and which I should send back! 🙂


. . . .

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