June Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

I think as far as months go – June just might have flown by faster than any in recent memory!! I honestly cannot believe we are already a week into July! June was one of our busiest months this year, so I suppose it makes sense that it flew by in a flurry of sessions, meetings, and weddings!

As it turns out – life behind the scenes this month was lots of relaxing and eating out because we were doing our best to balance out all the working we were doing. So here are a whole lot of photos of us doing just that… 😉


1. I kicked off the month with our marathon day of mini-Beautiful Sessions on film! I LOVED IT. And loved the results! Now, to see if the ladies will be okay with me sharing any of the pics! I will post some as soon as I can!!

2. Laundry was piling everywhere this month! It seemed James kept up with doing it, I just couldn’t keep up with putting it away… oops. So Chloe took advantage. 🙂

3. We got disappointing news in early June. We found out that our 2nd IUI attempt didn’t work. We headed to a patio of a local pub, soaked in the sun, took some angry selfies with our tongues out, were generally angry at the world, and drowned our sorrows in beer & bloody marys. Slowly but surely, after a month of digesting the news, focusing on each other, and looking to the future – we got back to our old selves.

4. This is apparently how Chloe felt about all of it. (She’s obsessed with kids and reaaaaally wants one for herself to harass constantly! haha)

5. A low key day with the family after a busy wedding weekend.

6. This pup can make beds out of everything. I kid you not – this is how we found her (ruining our new couch cushion)… haha.



1. Summertime in the city!! Chloe and I are loving breaks on the back deck! The view isn’t that great, but the fresh air and sunshine is nice! 😉

2. June meant roses all over our neighborhood! Chloe and I based our walk on where the blooms were.

3. Engagement sessions galore this month, meant lots of time for me to soak in our beautiful city! I sometimes forget how awesome it is to live in Chicago!!

4. More and more and more walks with the pup! One of my favorite times of day. 🙂

5. I’m going to need to hit up these little nighttime beach spots in the city more often! It felt like vacation at Montrose beach, when it was really just a summer night down the street! Love it!

6. It got HOT in June. Chloe didn’t appreciate it. In her ideal world it would be 50 degrees every day – perfect for her to chase squirrels on our walks without getting tired! haha



1. Chloe had a sleepover with her cousin, India. She even let India share her window with her! That is a first!!

2. My handsome dinner date after a beautiful city proposal we shot together! We crossed something off our summer bucket list quick – margaritas on the patio at El Nuevo Mexicano! YUM.

3. More and more engagement sessions! James caught this behind the scenes pic of me in action.. who knew I stood like that when I shoot?!

4. Chloe does not deal well with us being tired from working a lot. She wants us to be go-go-go with her no matter if it is the day after a wedding! She was in a moooood when I took this pic! haha

5. Then I took her for a walk in the heat and she was at least a little bit happier! 😉

6. Lauren and Erin came over for a little breakfast for dinner party, complete with breakfast cocktails that Lauren made! I was shocked I liked them (no offense, Lauren!)… they had whiskey in them! (Whiskey is not my thing normally.)



1. We sprinted through the remainder of June with LOTS more sessions, meetings, and a double-header the last weekend! Chloe and James needed a moment.

2. So did I… whew. Morning face/hair/tiredness. haha

3. Just one of the gorgeous Chicago venues we got to shoot weddings in this month! I could never tire of shooting in this city!!!

4. Please play with me!! I don’t care how tired you are from your double-header! (Also, doesn’t this frisbee look like wax lips the way she holds it?! haha)

5. Crossed another thing off the summer bucket list and headed outside to enjoy a picnic dinner with my loves. Everything really is better outdoors.

6. Chloe says – see you in July! 😉



Let’s hope the days slow down a bit in July!! See you next month!

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