February Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

I just did the math and we were out of town as many days as we were home this month – if that gives you an idea of how crazy February was around here!

It was so nice to have the opportunity to travel… but let me tell you – we are HAPPY to be home in March! Because of the whirlwind of travel I didn’t have nearly as much office time as I needed – so I’m loving waking up in my own bed, getting to tackle my to-do list each day, and get back to blogging! Here’s to many more productive days in the next couple weeks leading up to the workshop!

Anyway, with all that travel – you know there are lots of photos that I didn’t share yet! So here is a behind the scenes look at our February in Arizona, Chicago, and the Dominican Republic! 🙂


1. A photo of the bus stop at the O’hare parking lot… i.e. the crazy snowstorm we left on our way to Arizona.

2. Wandering around Sedona with James. I could get used to that view.

3. Hiking the West Fork trail in Sedona.

4. Our hotel room Super Bowl party… ahem, KFC. haha

5. A very chilly (and foggy) sunrise at the Grand Canyon.

6. Me wearing every piece of clothing I brought to Arizona so I wouldn’t totally freeze my butt off in 18 degree temps. haha




1. This horse followed James up and down the fence line at Rancho de los Caballeros, where we attended The What If Conference. Animals love this man. I can’t blame them. 🙂

2. On our way to a BBQ in the desert at What If!

3. Flying back to Chicago over the frozen world.

4. It was a harsh return to reality!!! SO. MUCH. SNOW.

5. But Chloe was happy to have us home. 🙂 Yes, she’s sleeping on James’ neck.

6. We were so happy to be home that we decided to pull out the air mattress and make a giant bed out of the living room for the week!




1. I was downtown for meetings and couldn’t help but snap a photo of the Chicago River. Crazy ice!

2. A pre-Valentine’s Day mani/pedi with my girls! <3

3. Followed by a Valentine’s Day homemade dinner at home. Yummo.

4. Then up in the air again…

5. …on our way to the Dominican Republic!

6. The face James makes when he doesn’t want me to take his photo. Sorry, James. 🙂




1. Can we go back?

2. There’s nothing like beach hair, is there? Or are we just so relaxed we don’t care that our hair looks nuts… is that it?

3. James enjoying a drink in the pool… *sigh*

4. More animals loving James. 🙂

5. No words.

6. Post-wedding relaxing with my love. Clearly he was stoked about this selfie. haha




1. Sometimes I see beautiful light and I force James to go stand in it. 🙂

2. All airports should have outdoor waiting areas… yes? (Well, at least the warm ones…)

3. Somebody was happy we were finally home for more than a few days.

4. Out on the town celebrating our friend’s birthday! I forgot what being social on a weekend was like! Seriously.

5. She must be getting older. She lets me put scarves on her now! Yaaaay.

6. Heading out of town again – but this time we’re bringing the puppy!




1. I showed a similar moment on our Instagram account but I chose the better photo – not the real moment. haha. THIS is the real moment. James freaking out about Kim handing over her newborn baby to him…

2. This was what I posted… the good photo once they both calmed down. 😉

3. Chloe has started doing this reaaaaaaally weird smile thing lately when she’s super happy. Usually it is when my mom gets home (like this photo). What a goof! haha!

4. Date night with my girl, Lauren! 😉 Nothing like catching up at a wine bar!

5. She keeps looking at me like this lately… like, “Are you guys leaving again? Please don’t.” Don’t worry pup, we’re home now.

6. We got a little too used to eating out this month and we’re having trouble getting back on track, clearly. Oops. But also – delicious. And yes, that is fried pickles, chicken wings, hummus, and spinach & artichoke dip.




Such an amazing (and exhausting) month with so many wonderful memories!!

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