New Branding & Print Materials ~ Chicago Wedding Photography Packaging

As you all are well aware by now, we recently rebranded our business with spiffy new updates to better showcase how our business has grown & matured since our first branding change a few years ago, and to make James as much a part of our online presence as he is a part of the business in real life! That being said – there was a lot going on behind the scenes as we designed, researched, and ordered all new print materials and goods!

I don’t know about you guys – but I am an absolute sucker for making an online presence come to life with the help of paper, ribbons, strings, and stamps… so I had THE BEST TIME doing this!!

Here’s a glimpse into our print materials for our new branding!


I was so excited to find so much brass/bronze colored string, ribbons and washi tape! It used to be all you could find was gold, so I was over the moon happy to find colors that matched our branding!


We deliver our images via digital download through online galleries, but for weddings we do still like to offer something physical to give the clients when it is all said and done (plus, I love sending snail mail – there’s just something so awesome about getting packages in the mail!) – so I finally switched from the DVDs we had been doing (I KNOW) to these adorable little 8gb USB drives! I cannot tell you how happy I am to not have to burn or print another DVD!


We’ve got little postcard type notecards, address labels, stickers, anytime & thank you cards…


And another thing I’m really excited about – STAMPS!! (Clearly I need to learn to stamp the circle one on a flat surface… but I’m slowly getting the hang of it… haha) I even found metallic bronze ink!


Last but not least – the packages we bring to potential client meetings! Isn’t it a pretty little box with a bow?! Inside are all kinds of goodies/information (some of which you see below).


I’m so happy to have it all cohesive across the board finally!


And here is where I ordered it all from in case anybody wants that info…
Cards, postcards, circle stickers, & address labels
Washi tape, string, and mini tags
Rubber stamps and ink pad
Ribbon and Silver gift box
Investment Guide printer
USB drives

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