January Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

I meant to get this January wrap-up post up before we left town last week but was scrambling to do a million other things… and so here it is now! 🙂 I always have a hard time remembering what we actually did during these months that fly by – so doing these posts is a great reminder to me what on earth we were up to! 🙂 Except apparently in January we weren’t up to a whole lot other than alternating between avoiding the polar vortex weather and playing in the snow when it warmed up a bit. 🙂 haha

Here’s life behind the scenes (descriptions shortened a bit more than normal… because I think you get the idea… haha)


1. We kicked off the New Year with lots of snow, cuddling, cabin fever, delicious food, and driving each other so crazy that James left me a love note on my computer to make sure I still knew he loved me (because we were both going a bit mad being stuck in the house). 😉



2. Here’s Chloe’s take on the Polar Vortex! Hanging out with friends, bundling up while indoors and outdoors, and lots of naps!;)

(Don’t judge… we had to use my socks so she could last long enough outside to pee! Yes, we are aware they make special boots for this, but we weren’t able to get to a pet store during -40 degrees fahrenheit windchill, so we MacGyvered a solution! ;))



3. Things thawed just enough for us to cautiously make our way to Milwaukee to hit up a Bulls game at the Bradley Center with our friends Missy & Dave! I call this series “A whole lot of terribly exposed & cropped photos.” haha. I mean… seriously… I got my hand all in the selfie, you can barely see James and I in that 2nd photo, and the guy who took a photo of all four of us was busy sprinting out the door while taking it… haha)



4. We closed out the month with Chloe getting way too into helping take the Christmas tree down… enjoying our new couch and our one million throw blankets… James’ mom coming to visit for a week… more cuddles and naps… The Bachelor wedding (!!!) … and you guessed it… MORE! SNOW!



I’m guessing most of your January’s looked similar, yes? 🙂

Happy Monday everybody! Stay warm out there!!! xoxo


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