New Website & Branding!!! ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

IT. IS. DONE!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

You guys – I’m SO excited to share our new website with you!!! I’m really excited for this new, grown-up version of CTP and really cannot wait to see what the future holds!! I really wanted to incorporate James into the site more so that potential clients understand we are a TEAM and not just me over here! I hope this really portrays that and helps people get to know the real James and Christy. 🙂

Without further ado, I give you – The new Christy Tyler Photography!!! (I highly encourage you to check this out on a computer for the best interaction with the site. Better mobile & tablet functioning upgrades are coming for the company I use soon – but for now it is just easier to check it out on a desktop or laptop computer for the full experience. xoxo)




Have fun checking it out and bouncing around in there!! Also, I have to give a giant shout-out to TONIC SITE SHOP!! I purchased one of their beautiful templates and rearranged things to my liking, updated colors, fonts, etc, and really made it our own. Lord knows I could not have done this from scratch by myself, so I’m super thankful for the talented people over at Tonic for building a template that was so perfectly “us” to begin with!

Now I’m off to update the rest of our branding across the internet (I’m looking at you – blog, Facebook, and Twitter!), and prep the house because James’ mom is coming to stay with us from tonight until Sunday! 🙂


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