We are in the home stretch you guys!! I stayed up way too late yesterday to get this blog in order (because I just am not okay with it being down for long)! Here’s hoping it looks decent! haha. It certainly isn’t as fancy as the new website, but I am happy with the new clean look (and love that you can scan through posts on the homepage and click through to what you’d like to read). 🙂

Now I just need to update my pricing guides and other business-y paper materials and we’re all set!!

And since I’ve been working at the computer non-stop for the last week and putting in long hours on all of this – I’m taking some time away from the desk the next few days!! We have shoots scheduled this week and an elopement this coming weekend… and on top of that, James’ mom is coming to stay with us through Sunday, so we plan to do some good old hosting over at the Tyler house! We’re thinking lots of tasty comfort food, movies on our cozy new couch, and maybe take her out in the city a bit for some of this food Chicago is famous for if the weather isn’t too miserable! 🙂

Anyway, thank you all for your support as we go through this big revamp!! I’ll see you guys next Monday!! xoxo!

(p.s. Can you tell I’m tired?! I couldn’t even find an image to share with this post… haha! That never happens!)

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