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I promise this is (almost) the last post about our recent brand updates! haha 😉

I knew if I was going to be updating our own website, that meant I needed to update our clients’ custom websites (that are included in every wedding package) to match! Thankfully I was able to squeeze in some time yesterday to get the template for these all ironed out, and I’m so excited about it!




Obviously it is very similar to our own site – but customized for our couples! This is the more elaborate of the two – including more wedding information for couples who want to use this as their actual wedding website. For those that prefer to use their custom sites just to share photos from the wedding and engagement session with family, friends, and guests – the site is a little bit more simple, but very similar to this one. (Basically just get rid of the “INFO” tab and that’s it!)




Here is the full sample site I created if you want to see more than just these screenshots:





I’m so excited to roll these out for our 2014 clients!! Happy Monday everybody!


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