April Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

May Day!!! It’s finally May, and can you believe it is in the 80’s in Chicago this week?! I was just looking back at my March Tidbits post and all I saw was SNOW SNOW SNOW! And now… it feels like summer! This city is nuts! haha (But I’m not complaining.) I’m so happy the warmth showed up just in time for the shooting season to really pick up. Now we’re nice and warm with beautiful golden light for all these engagement sessions I’ve been shooting lately! Perfect!

Anyway – enough about right now… let’s take a little look back at what the busy month of April held for us – including:

Holding our Advanced Workshop (which will be on the blog soon! We just got word that Ruffled Blog picked it up to feature – so as soon as they post – I can too!)
Traveling out east for Erin & Bret’s Maryland wedding – followed by all sorts of travel to visit James’ family in Virginia and DC.
Getting stuck in Baltimore almost 2 full days extra because of crazy storms in Chicago.
Barely setting foot at our place just to run back out the door and travel up to Wisconsin to shoot Emily & Carl’s wedding & an adorable little kiddo session.
And a bunch more baby and engagement sessions yet to hit the blog!


Behind the scenes that all looked like this:

1. I tried this little curly-haired ‘do for sleeping per my friend Natalie‘s instagram post (to result in pretty waves/curls in the morning)… but slept terribly with these crazy little buns all over my head and had to take them out somewhere around 3am. haha!

2. The first semi-warm night in Chicago had James and I itching for Mexican & margaritas from our favorite place, El Nuevo Mexicano Restaurant. Mmm!

3. Seriously – does anybody feel safe driving anywhere near trucks that look like this?!

4. Behind the scenes look at the Advanced Workshop ladies doing their thing! 🙂

5. Happy for James after he completed his first race ever – The Shamrock Shuffle! (Also: my hair is nuts. ha!)

6. I die. Seriously. Ahhhhh.


1. Getting fancy taking pictures of the invitation suite by Ribbons & Bluebirds for the workshop! Toes! 😉

2. Chesapeake Bay wedding night. Oh.My.Word.

3. Handome husband out to dinner in DC! I win. (Just saying… ;))

4. Time to spare meant I finally painted my nails!

5. Seeing our wedding photo at James’ grandmother’s house in Roanoke warmed my heart SO much.

6. So did seeing teeny tiny little Rich (James’ brother) in the red jacket! Aww! haha!


1. James and his grandmother. She is the sweetest!

2. We found some cherry blossoms still blooming when we headed back to DC for the night!

3. Oh flying. We are not friends right now. Getting on the plane after a 4-hour delay, only to be deplaned, then delayed for 4 more hours, then finally canceled and rescheduled for the next night at 8pm. Not. Cool.

4. Our 1 millionth hotel room in a week. We were over it at this point.

5. We were also over chain restaurants. haha.

6. Finally on a plane home the next night required that we spend more per glass of wine (i.e. mini bottle) than we normally spend on a full bottle from Trader Joe’s! haha! But you know we had to CHEERS to being on our way home!


1. Finally home and squeezing my pup who was so mad at me she wouldn’t even look at me. Awww!

2. She got over it within a day or two though and was eating up the lovin’ at my parents’ house that weekend where we were staying for wedding #2 of the year!

3. In my childhood bedroom at my parent’s house… Chloe’s ready for bed and wondering why the heck I’m taking pictures instead. 😉

4. Heading to a potential client meeting! Finally! SO excited to be back in the season for inquiries and meet-ups! I’m not going to fake it – my mental state doesn’t do so well during slow season (even though March & April are the same SLOW for inquiries every year here – so you think I’d be used to it by now… but I’m NOT.)

5. EARS. I posted this on Instagram already – but I couldn’t help to re-post. Just… seriously. EARS.

6. Out to dinner with James on Monday night and he was posting bogus stuff (i.e. photos of me) on Instagram and Facebook! Punk! haha!


There’s April folks! It’s hard to believe it is already May – but we’re ready! Excited for wedding season to keep rolling… James’ 35th birthday… and our 4th wedding anniversary this month! Yeah!




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