Erin + Bret ~ Anchor Inn Wedding ~ Chesapeake Bay Maryland Wedding Photography

Oh my gosh – I’m not even sure where in the world to start – except to say that Erin and Bret’s wedding was the PERFECT way for us to kick off our wedding season! Erin, Bret, and their family & friends were SO unbelievably welcoming to us – you would have thought we were family too! Everybody was so sweet, and went out of their way to chat with us and make us feel welcome… it was just so humbling to be a part of it all.

Also, this was my first time in Maryland and it did not disappoint! The weather was phenomenal (compared to Chicago’s chilly, icky weather back home), and we were so happy to be there!

Erin and Bret got ready separately at the Hilton in Baltimore, where the anticipation just kept building until they finally saw one another at the ceremony – held at the beautiful Anchor Inn on Chesapeake Bay! The day was filled with so much laughter, joy, and happy tears! (I nearly lost it completely when Bret struggled through tears to get through his vows… oh my gosh – so sweet!) And I absolutely loved their fusion ceremony that mixed both of their backgrounds, Christian & Jewish, to create a beautiful interfaith celebration of their love.

Once the important stuff was taken care of – the party really got started inside! I had the best time documenting the dancing – which there was a LOT of! (Just my kind of crowd! They liked to move!) 🙂

Erin & Bret – THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us to capture your day, and for flying us all the way out to Maryland for it! You have no idea how wonderful it was to be a part of and how humbled we were to document the love not only between you two – but also the love your family & friends have for the both of you. It is a true testament to the amazing people both of you are. It was a perfectly intimate and joyful wedding day and James & I were SO honored to be a part of it. I can only hope these images do the day justice! Enjoy! xoxo!


How stunning is Erin?! She nearly had me in tears after these portraits!

This was one of my favorite moments of the day… Erin’s grandma’s first ride in a limo! Love!

Such a sweet moment with the ladies before the ceremony…

And then Erin came out and brought everybody to tears…

… including Bret…


We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful night!


Congratulations again you two!!! XOXO!


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