The Process ~ Behind the Scenes at CTP

When I was going through the photos of Erin & Bret’s wedding to post yesterday – I couldn’t help but be struck by how ridiculous I look when shooting. haha. James makes a point to shoot a few frames of me hard at work (and I’m working on getting better at snagging some of him too), so every now and then a photo would pop up as I was culling and all I could do was laugh.

We all know photography is a process that occasionally involves posing people… right? Well, who knew how silly I look when I go through this process?! Alright maybe some of you are already aware if you’ve worked with me… but I wasn’t! At least not until I saw these photos! haha!


This is how I want you guys to look… all nuzzled in and cozy and what not…

Hmmm… is that nuzzled and cozy enough…? Let me see… 

Okay… maybe we need to start over… reset… 🙂

Now this time – Erin, put your arms down and now really just grab him and get cozy… 


Oh man. Hahaha… at least my clients are entertained by my antics! (It appears!)

And it resulted in this photo… so we’re all good, right?!



Whew! 😉


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