Emily + Carl ~ Wisconsin Wedding Photography

Emily and I go way, way back. We grew up together, and were close friends as kids… attending the same teeny tiny Catholic grade school in my hometown. And yet, somehow I haven’t seen her other than a couple times at high school class reunions over the past 13 years. (Yikes – have we been out of high school that long?!)

So Emily and Carl’s wedding day was the first time I’d seen her in quite a while, and yet somehow it felt just like we were just silly kids in grade school again! Emily is just such an awesome person with such a BIG heart… always laughing and making goofy faces, just like I remember her doing way back in the day. 😉

The best part is that Carl is the perfect fit to Emily’s outgoing ways. The way he smiles at her from across the room and the way they both light up when they’re together is such a beautiful thing to see! I hadn’t met Carl until the wedding day, but like Emily, he made me feel as though we’d just seen each other yesterday… and I knew right away that these two were perfect together.

Emily & Carl ~ Thank you so much for having us be a part of your wedding day, and for being such troopers when I wanted to take one million photos out in the chilly April temps! You two are such a joy to be around and your love for life is completely contagious! Here’s to many more years of joy, laughter, black jack, and cover bands together as husband & wife! 😉 xoxox! ~Christy & James


The kitty shoes were just Em’s style!


Love love loved this sweet First Look!

Love!! I could have shot around this location all day with these two!

While I did some portraits with the girls, James apparently pulled his basketball out of the trunk to keep the guys busy… haha…

Off to the chapel to get married!

Such a sweet moment right outside the chapel after the ceremony…

Recognize those two bobble-heads?!

Instead of kissing when people clinked their glasses, couples had to challenge them to a game of black jack – loser had to kiss. In the case below – Emily’s parents were the losers! 😉

Carl’s best man, James, surprised them with their favorite cover band during dinner!

Then we snuck outside at sunset for a few last photos during golden hour… so pretty!


Aren’t they so sweet together?! Congratulations again you two!!! XOXO!



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