Points & Ponderings ~ Weekly Wrap-Up and Random Thoughts ~ Chicago Lifestyle Photographer

Here we go with the 2nd installment of points & ponderings (the word I made up)! 🙂

1. I saw a lot of people sharing this article and couldn’t help but read it. I found myself nodding my head in agreement through the entire thing. I do my best to use the internet to connect with others, not to compare. And I when I’m nervous about sharing something too vulnerable or real – I remind myself that it is important to be relatable and that the more of us that are REAL on the internet, the less alone others going through similar things will feel. Anyway – this article really hit home. Check it out: http://www.relevantmagazine.com/culture/tech/stop-instagramming-your-perfect-life

2. Engagement Sessions are back in season! I shot two engagement sessions back-to-back last weekend and among the flurry of being gone for Easter, and getting back to shooting more sessions this week & scrambling to tie up loose ends for the workshop this weekend I haven’t gotten to post them yet! So if you missed the peeks on facebook… here they are!


3. Baby smiles are totally contagious. It is unbelievable. I was editing this session of my clients’ adorable little girl and could NOT stop smiling through the entire thing! I love that I get to see a couple little girls each month to shoot monthly photos of them throughout their first year! It brings instant joy to my day! (See what I mean?!)


4. I can’t ever be mad at James – because he does all the grocery shopping. But I CAN laugh at him when he continually brings home stuff we already have and haven’t made a dent in yet! Or I can just laugh at the ridiculous amount of pickles we go through in a month. Here’s a little glimpse at what I found when he got home from grocery shopping last time… haha…


5. As I mentioned earlier – this week has pretty much been filled with shooting sessions and running around like a chicken with my head cut off prepping for the advanced workshop that is happening TOMORROW!!! AH! Craziness! Let’s hope it goes off without a hitch. I honestly feel like I’m more nervous about getting everything in order than I was for my own wedding… haha. Is that sad?! Yesterday I ironed the tablecloth for the styled shoot and cleaned the dishes we’re using – so you know I couldn’t help but lay a few out to see how it all looked together & take a quick snap with my iPhone. (This isn’t the FULL thing – there will be flowers & other details… but this had me feeling okay about how it is coming together! Yay!)


6. Last but not least… I looked out my office window yesterday and saw BUDS ON THE TREES!!! Do you hear me?! BUDS ON THE TREES!! And – we opened our windows & let some fresh air in the house! Amazing. That is all. 🙂

7. James is running his first race this weekend since he randomly decided to take up running a couple months ago! He’s running the Shamrock Shuffle downtown and I’m so excited to cheer him on!! Yay!!! And it’s even more exciting that it is supposed to be nice this weekend for it! Double yay!


Have a wonderful weekend everybody!! We’ll be busy with the workshop & the run! I think I may just need to take Monday off! 😉



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