When I Knew ~ The Early Days of Christy + James ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

(**Just a little disclaimer that this is about to be a bit of a mushy post… sorry! haha… James was just so wonderful this past weekend – keeping the workshop going behind the scenes – running all over town to make it happen… and on top of that ran his first race early Sunday morning & did so amazing!! I’m just so proud of him and feel so blessed to be his wife! Anyway… you get the point… so read on below, if you don’t mind the mush! ;))


At this time of year I always think back to the early days of James and I. We met on March 31st (officially), and pretty much rolled right into dating after that. Although I was hesitant to let my reservations go – I fell for him almost immediately, and it felt like it was something beyond my control from the very start.

I remember feeling like I might be a little crazy for getting so serious so quickly… but I forgot HOW QUICKLY it was until I stumbled upon this email I sent to my sister almost exactly 2 months after I met James….

“This relationship is freaking me out. I’m happier than I’ve ever been with someone now that I’m finally letting my reservations go…  I am so happy with him and we both appreciate everything the other person does for us… and we are completely on the same page. Anyways, sorry if I sound like I’m gushing… because I probably am. I just have a really good feeling about this one. … I don’t know. Anyway, I don’t want to sound crazy – but now I kind of think I know what you were talking about when you met Will….  Did I just say that?!? But seriously… this is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. And I love it.  We’ll see where it goes… who knows. I get all giddy and smiley just thinking about it. 😀  I feel like such a nerd. I need to try to keep it under wraps though because we’ve only been seeing each other two months… =) I just know in my gut this is something good… I can just tell.”

Other than all the tell-tale signs I shared in the email to my sister above… I remember that one big reason I fell for James was because of his love for his dog at the time, Phoenix (who later became our dog). I always believed that he was a good person and felt my connection to him, but what really put me over the edge was seeing his unconditional love for Phoenix. Something about the way he treated her and how much he loved her made me realize his capacity for love, and that someday he could maybe love me like that… and someday (far in the future) he could love his children like that – and it seriously blew me away.

I was reminded of this realization I had way back when I first met James again yesterday when I saw he and Chloe taking a nap on the couch after his race that looked almost identical to the moment I remember with he and Phoenix. I nearly fell over from the adorableness….



Heart. Melts. <3


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