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Today is our travel day back to Chicago. Midday today we’ll be boarding a plane, headed back to the windy city – and I can’t say that I’m sad about it. (Although I’d like to bring this weather back with us if that’s an option!! ;))

This trip has been WONDERFUL and was just the right length of time – but now we are oh-so-ready to get home… back to our daily routine and ordinary everyday moments. I can’t wait to wake up in my own bed, make coffee in the kitchen, turn on The Today Show, and enjoy a bowl of mixed cereal for breakfast. I’m excited to get back on a regular sleep schedule, and actually excited to hit the gym! Not to mention – ready for some lighter, homemade dinner options… haha. (SO much eating out this week!)

I’m already aware I have a pile of emails to reply to, photos to edit, and of course, unpacking to do (which may not get done for quite a while if it happens anything like it has in the past)… so a big part of me just wants to get home and get going on it! (And I can’t wait to get this film sent in! I forced myself to only shoot with my Mamiya 645 if I wanted to take any personal photos during this trip – other than with my iPhone – and I can’t wait to see how they came out! So I need to get home to mail them in!)

Also – I’m beyond ready for my own bed. Over the course of this trip James and I have stayed in 4 different places/hotels. We stayed 2 nights at the hotel for the wedding, then drove to DC and stayed a night there, then drove to Roanoke to stay with his Grandma for a night, then drove to DC to spend a day, and back to Baltimore for one last night of sleep before heading to the airport today. So it has been a LOT of travel, a lot of lugging way too many bags, and a lot of new/different beds each night.

But of course you know most of all – we can’t wait to get home to our pup!! I’m hoping she’s not to mad at us for leaving her for so long, and just wants to lay on the couch with us and cuddle tonight. I feel like I need a quiet night with my loves, and I won’t even get mad at her tonight if she accidentally kicks me while we’re sleeping.

I just want to see this little face following me around all day, and keeping an eye on me from the guest bed in my office while I work… 🙂



(Isn’t she the cutest?! I’m not biased at all either… ;))


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