2013 Wedding Season Kick-Off ~ Maryland Wedding Photographer

James and I are still out east (Virginia, Maryland, DC) enjoying some time with family (and being tourists on our own now & then) after shooting possibly one of the best wedding season kick-offs ever… Erin & Bret’s beautiful wedding in Pasadena, Maryland on Saturday!

We felt so blessed to get to be a part of this… especially given the crazy weather we’re still having back in Chicago! I woke up Saturday and saw that they were getting snow back home (what?!)… then opened the blinds in our hotel room and looked out to see trees budding, sun shining, and highs in the low 70’s forecasted for the day.

We’ll have a lot more photos from the wedding when we get back to town – but I couldn’t help but share a little sneak peek of the gorgeous day we shared with Bret, Erin, and their amazing friends & family…



Such a gorgeous couple and beautiful day!!! Ah! Can’t wait to share more! 🙂

And a little peek at our trip wouldn’t be complete without a few personal iPhone snaps we’ve taken throughout our trip too!


Pre-flight tradition (makes the naps on the plane come easier)! 😉 The best welcome bag I’ve ever seen from Erin & Bret! And the laziest night ever… room service at 6pm & straight to bed after (we were worn out & wanted to be well rested to start wedding season, what can I say?!) 🙂



Gorgeous blue-sky, sunny day! Chocolate covered strawberries served at the wedding – just my kind of dessert! And post-wedding happies!



We love it when our dear friends refer their awesome friends to us! Lots of hugging Jess happened this weekend… 🙂 And then I asked her to take a picture of James and I… and this is what we got. He gets pretty sick of photos of himself if you can’t tell… haha.



Except for this time I got smart and tricked him into this photo and even got a natural smile!!!  Spring time in DC! Gorgeous! And the craziest/huge/long/kind of scary hotel hallway ever!



It has been an amazing trip so far and the perfect little getaway to start the season! (If only Chloe were here to enjoy this gorgeous spring weather with us – then it would really be perfect! Sorry… we can’t help it… we miss her!)


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