Beautiful Session: Christy ~ Chicago Fine Art Portraiture ~ Chicago Fine Art Boudoir

Well, I figured it was only a matter of time until I forced myself to get in front of the camera for a Beautiful session…. right? I thought I should do one from the start just to see what it felt like, but kept putting it off over and over for various reasons (mostly because I was too busy).

But with wedding season fast approaching, and James itching to get behind the camera to get some practice and get warmed up before we rolled into working non-stop… we decided there was no better time than the present to get this shoot done! It just so happened that after my Beginner Workshop on March 23rd, I already had my hair and makeup done and it was a beautiful slightly sunny day – so we decided to just go ahead and do the shoot!

I’ve been hesitating posting these on the blog – but I figured if I won’t even share my session… then how can I expect my clients to want to share theirs?! I was also delaying posting because I was hoping to have the Beautiful Site all set to go live and to post these along with it… but… that clearly isn’t happening. haha… Things started to get super busy and unfortunately that got put on the back burner momentarily while things like taking care of my clients took precedent (obviously)!

Anyway – there aren’t a whole ton of these that I felt were appropriate to share on my business blog, so James and I will just be keeping those for ourselves. (Not that they were anything crazy – but I just don’t need my butt in boy shorts all over the internet… haha. Sorry!)

We started with a regular portrait session like I do with all my Beautiful Session clients (which Chloe insisted on getting in on), and then worked our way into more of the fine art boudoir type work (i.e. no high heels, no thongs, no crazy props or Maxim-like settings… just women, as they are… tousled hair, light makeup, a camisole or a t-shirt… beauty radiating from within).


I was surprised how much fun I had doing this session and want to note a few things I learned after doing the shoot:

1. You will feel more confident than you have in a long time (or maybe ever) during your session.

2. Your butt* looks better than you think it does. (*Insert any body part you’d like to in here.)

3. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s genuine smile and laughter.

4. You don’t need to wait until you’ve worked out, or lost weight, or tanned (blah), or whatever to do this session… in fact I think it is more important to do this as you are RIGHT NOW. Beautiful. Perfectly you. Without any crazy preparations necessary.

5. There’s something to be said for a plain t-shirt or camisole, bare feet, and a cozy bed full of white linens for these sessions. Simplicity is best.

6. You are more beautiful than you ever realized.


Anyway – enough chatter…. here’s what was blog appropriate (some with a little cropping action done – haha) to share!


Chloe had to get up on the window sill and see what the heck I was up to! haha

Finally I had to just snatch her up!


Whew. There it is. haha. Big shout out to James who did a fabulous job shooting these!

Now, who’s next?! I’ve been itching to shoot more of these!!


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