Limes & First World Problems ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Well, yesterday was supposed to be our travel day (which you saw in my post)… but the only traveling we did was between gates D13 and D8 in the Baltimore airport…. for about 9 hours. I’m not sure why – but United chose to continually delay our flight (which was supposed to head out at 12pm – while canceling every other Chicago flight after ours), until they finally officially canceled ours around 8:30pm.

I’m not going to lie – it wasn’t the best day of my life (especially since we aren’t able to get on a new flight until 8pm tonight)… but it also wasn’t the worst. James and I had moments of irritation, of course, but we were reminded that things could be MUCH worse every time we glanced at the TV and saw coverage of current events.

So although we both had moments of frustration and an occasional bit of pouting (well, maybe that was more me…) – in the end we remembered that having a canceled flight really is quite the First World Problem to have.

So instead of making it worse by wallowing in our irritation and homesickness – we decided that when life throws you limes… you make margaritas! Am I right?!



(Let’s hope that everything goes better today than yesterday though… yes? Maybe send some good thoughts out into the universe for better weather & an on-time flight for us tonight? Thankyouverymuch. 🙂 xoxo!)


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