Home Sweet Puppy ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Well, we finally made it home! Approximately 36 hours after our original arrival time – but we made it!!! And most importantly – we got our dog back! 🙂

I’m too tired to post much more than that (since it is almost 1am)… but I do have a video to share! It’s the moment we got to James’ brother’s house to pick up Chloe after arriving home. 🙂 I shouldn’t have had the video light on because she has crazy alien eyes – but oh well… she’s still cute & happy to see us! 🙂



So happy to see this crazy pup again, and to be home (if only for a day)! We’re heading up to WI this weekend for wedding #2 of the year! Keeping things rolling right along!! Happy weekending everybody! xoxo! See you Monday!



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