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We were up in Wisconsin for the weekend, shooting our 2nd wedding of the year for the awesome Emily & Carl (sneak peek on Facebook, if you’re interested!)… and so we had to leave Chloe with family again while we headed out Saturday to shoot the wedding. This time we left her at my parents’ house where she hung out with my mom a majority of the day.

As happy as Chloe was to see us come home that night (I’m pretty sure she thought we’d left her for another 7 days)… it was clear she also really loves my mom because often times – even after we’ve gotten back home – she chooses to cuddle with her instead of us! (Like the night of the wedding, she curled up with my mom on the couch and went to sleep.) That makes me feel fabulous about leaving our little pup with her, because Chloe is clearly crazy about her.

But you know what they say (or maybe James & I just say this)… dogs have a 6th sense about people. I truly believe they can sense people who are innately good, and those who are maybe a little “off” (to put it nicely… 😉 haha). Of course this is just another example of our theory holding true because I think my mom is pretty much the best – and the fact that Chloe does too just further confirms my theory!

I mean… seriously… she can’t get enough of her… how sweet is this? (And also more funny because I would never have considered my mom a ‘dog person’ – since we grew up without a dog – but it appears she may be converted, yes?)



In other slightly non-related news: we’re heading back to Chicago today! YAY! After being on the road non-stop for the last week and a half… we don’t have any travel scheduled for the next 4 weeks! Woo hoo! That means lots more photos, weddings, & sessions to hit the blog soon (since we are full-speed into wedding season now) – because I’ll actually have time in the office to get them posted! I hope you all are as excited as I am! My goal this year is to stay on top of all my editing and to keep up with a quick turnaround time, but I’m not going to lie – that’s hard to do when you’re constantly traveling. So here’s to getting back on track this week… and hopefully to spring maybe showing up in Chicago (since we have a ton of sessions coming up)? That’d just be the icing on the cake! 😉



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