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Every year when March arrives, I find myself unable to believe that we’re already nearing the anniversary of the day James and I met. Somehow it feels like I’ve known him my entire life, and like we just met a year ago – all at the same time.

In a few short weeks, on March 31st, we will celebrate 6 years of US.

I really have a hard time believing it. The years since we’ve met have flown by. The changes in our lives have been unbelievable, and somewhat unexpected. And yet – through it all – at the heart of everything – we are still US… “Team Tyler” (as we like to call ourselves – with an enthusiastic high five)! And I never thought it was possible, but I love this man even more today than I did the day I promised to spend forever with him.

So since I’m feeling all nostalgic (and because we’re heading to dinner tonight with our long lost & dear friend who set us up all those years ago) – I felt like it was only appropriate that I send you guys over to a post a wrote a couple years back… telling the whole, unedited, crazy story of the night James and I officially met back in 2007 (which I’m convinced could be made into a movie – kind of a mix of The Hangover and a romantic comedy).

It’s pretty embarrassing, but I took the time to write it – so why not share it again?! It’s our story, after all. Ours to own, and ours to laugh at. 😉


CLICK HERE to head over to read the post!


Gotta love old-school photos! This one circa 2007… 🙂



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