1st Annual Christy Tyler Photography Client Party ~ Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I think I’m still coming down from all the excitement from this weekend!!! As many of you know (if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter) – we held our first annual CTP Client Party this past Saturday!! I knew I wanted to do something like this for a while – and this year finally took the steps to make it happen – and I’m so glad we did!!

Last year we held a Bride’s Day for our 2011 brides to thank them for being awesome clients, and while it was amazing – I realized I couldn’t pull it off again with larger numbers, felt bad leaving the guys out of it, and wanted to stay in touch with ALL of my past/current/future clients – not just those from the current year. So I knew I wanted to start doing something annually that could fill all that criteria. Given that James and I love to head out to local restaurants for drinks and appetizers – it only made sense to make our gathering a cocktail party! 😉

So we picked a date, announced the party to gather RSVPs and finally got this thing planned! But then a week before the event – the venue we had booked emailed us to cancel and let us know they were going out of business. HA! (To say I had a major freak out would be a serious understatement… haha.)

BUT – thankfully Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro came to the rescue!! They were such a joy to work with and Jaime helped us get the event in order in just a week and it went off without a hitch!

We had 32 people in attendance – representing a mixture of 2011, 2012, and 2013 couples! It was awesome to see everybody mingling and getting along… trading stories and giving advice to the 2013 couples who haven’t yet had their big day! I kept saying throughout the party that I almost felt like it was my wedding – because I loved everybody there and wanted so badly to get to sit down and have long conversations with each couple – but time just kept flying by on me!

It was an overwhelming experience (in a good way) because I care about each one of these couples so much, and am so honored that they all took the time out of their busy lives to come hang out with us (because we miss them so)!! I hope they all know how much they mean to us, and how THANKFUL we were to have their presence Saturday!! The party was a very, very small representation of the unending gratitude James & I feel towards all of our clients who have hired us and trusted us to document the biggest day in their lives so far!

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!! You have allowed us to live our dream of being full-time photographers, and documenting awesome people in love (like yourselves)!! We are humbled and honored to not only call you our clients – but also our friends!  xoxoxo!!


(Here are a few quick snaps we took throughout the party! Please excuse us in advance – this isn’t par for the course for us – but we were more focused on chatting/eating/drinking with everyone than shooting! ;))


Thanks again to everybody that made it! And those that were unable to – there’s always next year!!! Hope to see you then!!! 🙂




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