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Wow!!! You guys kind of blew me away with the blog survey! To be honest – I wasn’t expecting many people to take it, and I wasn’t expecting much thought to be put into the answers (sorry – I clearly didn’t have enough faith in you all!!)…. Boy was I wrong!

104 lovely people took the survey for me – which I feel like is a pretty good sampling of readers to draw information from, so I hope the changes I make in the blog (& things I continue doing) keep you all coming back to read!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey and give me some honest feedback! You all had me “hmmm-ing”, laughing, and crying (happy cry – no worries)! Congrats! 😉

Now… on to the survey results!


  • The majority of you are between 25 and 30 years old, with almost 64% falling in that category, and coming in 2nd is the 31-40 category with 23%. (The other 13% is split squarely down the middle between the 18-24 year-olds, and 40+ group.)


  • Over 95% of you are females! (Shout out to the 5 guys who took this survey! What! What!)


  • I was a bit surprised by this next one – but over 68% of you are married! (And the other 32% is split in 3 ways between Single, In a Committed Relationship, and Engaged – with about 10% of each.)


  • The next one I allowed people to choose more than 1… so it doesn’t add up to 100%… and answers were pretty evenly spread – so I’m going to share the majority of them:  25% of your are Former Clients, 27% are Friends/Family (and the cool thing was that most Former Clients also checked off the Friend box which obviously made me oh-so-happy!!), 20% are Professional Photographers, another 20% are Hobby Photographers, and 15% are Bloggers.


  • You people live all over the map (and this made me happy)!! We have a large following in the Midwest (which makes sense) with 42% of you from Wisconsin/Michigan/Ohio/Indiana/Illinois/Minnesota, and 26% of you in sweet home Chicago! And the rest of you are scattered about – from the west coast (Portland, Seattle, CA, Vegas, Utah) to the south (Texas, Florida, Alabama), to the east coast (Virginia, NH, NYC), to worldwide (Tanzania, Kenya, UK, Canada)!


  • You guys found me through a ton of different avenues – with the largest group (28%) finding me through A Practical Wedding! Other popular answers were that I photographed your friend’s wedding, you found me through Facebook, or someone you know referred you to the site.


  • 42% of you read the blog a few times a week, and 38% read it daily as a part of your routine. Thanks guys!!!!  45% have been reading for the last year or so, and 38% have been reading since I worked at the law firm. Yay!


  • Apparently you all keep up with me all over social media, but mainly on Facebook & most of you click through links there to get to the blog (47%!). And for all of you who said “apparently I’m a stalker” – no you aren’t!!! I love that you guys are keeping up with what’s going on and I like to keep up with you all too! 🙂


  • Next up was the Favorite & Least Favorite post question – which was super interesting to me! (People were allowed to click as many as they wanted – so these don’t add up to 100% either, FYI.) You guys are kind of all over the board with this one…. for example if you’re a photographer you love the FAQ posts (38% chose it as a fave) – if you’re not – they’re your least favorite (19% said it was their least fave)! haha. So I’m going to do my best to keep a balanced approach at the various posts you guys love/hate – since many of the least favorites were also high on the favorites list for another group of people! haha. In general though all of you like Personal Posts with 77% saying they were their favorite – yowsa! 65% of you said Weddings/Engagements were your favorite, with Business/Self-Employment Posts following closely with 53% choosing it! Most important to me though was that a good number of you that actually chose a least favorite post chose Quote Posts (at 25%)!!! So… I am going to go ahead and almost completely discontinue the Quote Posts since that was far & away the least liked post – UNLESS I have a quote that has seriously made a difference in my life and that I love love love – and in that case I’ll try to tie it in with the story behind it and how it has affected my life. Deal? 🙂


Thank you again for all your input! I will take all your suggestions to heart (recipe posts will be coming back more often!) and do my best to continue to post content that keeps you all coming back! As always – feel free to email me anytime with questions or leave a comment on the blog!! 🙂 I love to hear from you all!! Thanks for reading!!! XOXO!!


*Even though I’m secretly, or not so secretly, LOVING the snow — I am still starting to day dream about spring because outdoor sessions are about to kick into high gear pretty soon here and warmer weather might be nice! So here’s a little spring dreaming photo for you…. Happy Wednesday!




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