February Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

Hello loves!!  So, based on the survey you all did – some of you LOVE these posts, and some of you said this was your least favorite post (which I thought was funny/ironic, given most of those people who said they didn’t like them said they liked personal posts… which, I thought these qualified as personal?). haha.

Anyway, given that information I thought it maybe was a couple of things that people didn’t like…. 1. These posts are LONG. I include 3 sets of 12 photos – which may just be too much. 2. They can sometimes be a repeat of things I already posted on Instagram and shared on Twitter or Facebook.

So in the future I think I’m going to feature less photos, and try to only share photos I didn’t already post online somewhere else so it will be new material (mostly)! Okie dokie? Deal?! Let me know what you think and we’ll roll from there! (But for this month – I still have a few photos I already shared elsewhere because I hadn’t created that rule yet – so cut me some slack, okay?!) 😉

So here we go… February in phone camera pics – life behind the scenes!!!


1. We FINALLY got a real amount of snow in Chicago right before I left for the Dominican Republic for the What If Conference! Chloe was happy! 🙂

2. Beautiful view as we flew into the Dominican… oh my!

3. We were so busy conferencing that the only day we actually made it to the beach was on the last day… clearly I had to document it to prove it actually happened – with a margarita in hand – of course!

4. I had an amazing time at What If – but clearly was happy to be home to my love! First night home = date night!

5. I didn’t last too much longer after dinner out though… haha. So. Tired.

6. I  missed that adorable face and those giant ears while I was gone!!

7. I know most people don’t care – but this one CRACKS ME UP! Apparently James just can’t handle the butter when I’m gone for a week. haha. I went to get some butter to put on toast and couldn’t even get the lid off our butter dish! I finally pried it open and found this!!! HAHA! Seriously James?! I asked him what happened and he could not stop laughing about it. We seriously had a giggle fit in our living room. He said he was so mad when it happened because he knew I’d find it and think that he couldn’t handle life at home without me.  haha! Clearly he was right!

8. Just….. seriously. Post-bath adorableness!

9. Our friends Lana & Jon got us tickets to see The Book of Mormon!!! I really had no idea what it was about going into it but had an open mind… Holy man was it inappropriate – but oh so funny!!! And the music/dancing was fabulous (which made the musical theater nerd in me very happy)!

10. Valentine’s = pink toes, red pants.

11. I could live in West Elm. It’s a problem.

12. James did good! I’m loving our new car! It drives so smooth and it is clean (unlike all our previous cars) – and we plan to keep it that way! 😉


1. She insists on sleeping on top of the couch cushions because the actual couch just isn’t soft enough apparently.

2. Homemade mac’n’cheese bubbling away in the oven! OH YUM.

3. This. Book.  *sigh*  I will write a full post about this when I finish it – but let me just say – it is changing me!!!

4. I get butterflies driving into the city at night – I forget how lucky we are to live here! I love it!

5. Fancy drinks with photo friends. 🙂 Nothing better!

6. More snow! Chloe was in heaven in February!!

7. And then Richie Norton’s new book arrived and Chloe & I were stoked!!! Go buy it now!!! 

8. My sister came to visit and we had our first 1-on-1 sister weekend in FOREVER. It was perfect.

9. We shopped around local stores & Jenn tried on this creepy squirrel head….

10. And we hit up a million thrift stores/consignment shops – where Jenn tried on 1 million things and I sipped coffee and cheered her on. 😉

11. Just the comfiest spot to rest – on J’s head – that’s all.

12. I must blog this recipe! Oh my gosh – it was amazing, and beautiful! Am I right?!


February was a wonderful month full of lots of time spent with loved ones, a few sessions, and lots of growing/learning at What If!! March is bound to be much busier (and is already)… and sessions are ramping up again! We have our Beginner Workshop in a couple weeks and life is about get crazy!  (But more on that in next month’s tidbit post!) 😉



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