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Ever since I vowed to get out my Mamiya 645 more – I have been shooting a lot more film for fun… and it is so refreshing! There is just something about taking so much time to properly expose and compose a photo before just snapping away… and then having to wait (what seems like forever) to see the results!

I am forced to be more deliberate with my film shooting because there are only so many frames available in one roll and I don’t want to waste them! The funny thing is though – even after all the preparation for each image – I would rarely describe the resulting photos as perfect. Instead… I would tag my film shooting as… “Explorations in Imperfection.”

Those of you that know me (or have maybe figured out from reading the blog) – I’m a serious perfectionist. Most of the time that’s just fine (as long as you aren’t my husband – haha)… but it is occasionally nice to surprise myself when I actually enjoy a photo for its imperfections! Maybe it isn’t 100% tack sharp… maybe the exposure is a little hot in some areas… but something about that MOMENT captured on film makes me love it regardless… and it is the imperfections that actually somehow make it just perfect.

I wanted to use up the remainder of my Provia 400X so that I can break into the Fuji 400h I recently purchased… so I shot these last 2 rolls on one of the few snowy days we had in Chicago this winter. Chloe is always my film subject since James has been declining my requests for him to model for me… but she was getting sick of sitting still so I decided to try out a little self-portrait work as well. (Forgive me I clearly was wearing a normal loungy Saturday outfit without any makeup… but it was fun to see actual people on film for a change – even if it was just myself. haha)

Anyway – here is my latest film work… (I can’t wait to give the Fuji a try as soon as the weather cooperates!)


Love the picture on the left even though it isn’t in focus… Chloe was so confused by my noisy film camera! haha (But then she figured out what was up and got in the zone… ;)) 

She clearly was longing to be out in the snow – so out we went!


It’s tough with Chloe so dark and the snow so white (obviously) to get everything exposed right across the board… but you get the idea. 😉 Loved this one regardless because Chloe was being her crazy snow-loving self! 😉

Then I decided I wanted to photograph people and only had myself to oblige… and so it was self-timer session time!

Then I figured the light was better on the floor… but Chloe only let me get one frame in before she came to harass me… of course!

I really am obsessed with this image (even though it’s a bit blurred) – because this is the look on my face most times when Chloe is being nuts (see her in the background attacking my feet?). Love this dog – always keeping me smiling!

And my last attempt with Chloe circling me like a shark… haha.


Here’s to photographing subjects that are not me or my dog next time! 😉




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