Spring Cleaning: Website Updates ~ Showit ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

One of my absolute favorite things about using Showit for my website company (other than the awesome community of photographers that comes with it) is that I have the ability to update my website whenever I need to without having to contact a designer to do so! I have had these updates on my to-do list all off-season and am so happy I finally got to it!!

Nothing like a little spring cleaning to start off a new wedding season on the right foot! 🙂

I finally updated the galleries with our most recent work, made a few tweaks here and there, and totally re-did the Raves section of the site!


But don’t just take my word for it! Click HERE to hop over to the website and see what’s new!


And here’s one more teeny sneak peek into something I’m working on behind the scenes as well!


Happy Monday everybody! I hope you’re all recovering okay from St. Paddy’s Day weekend! 😉


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