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I’m not a big resolution maker. I tend to attempt to live the life I want to lead on a day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year basis. I don’t normally say this year I’m ___(insert changed behavior here)____, because in general – I think I’m doing what I would like to be doing. And if I’m not – the dawning of a new year isn’t going to suddenly make me wake up early and go running every morning.  (But that’s just me.) 🙂

However, I’ve come to realize ‘Life Lists’ are a very different thing. They aren’t about resolving to change something about you or your life – they’re more about putting your dreams & aspirations out there for you and the world to see – in hopes that perhaps it will help you to actually do these things in the future. I’ve never made such a list. I think partly because I was afraid to put it out there like that, and also partly because I just didn’t see the point in it. But now, I’m really wishing I had made a list – because I could have crossed things off it last year!

  1. Go full-time with my photography business (check!)
  2. Shoot a destination wedding (check!)
  3. Be featured on a nationally televised TV program (check!)
  4. Own/train a puppy (check!)
  5. Travel to a different country alone (check!)

So many fun things I could have crossed off the list (but it only lived in my head, so I can’t – phooey).


So now – I’m going to go ahead and make a list – and I’m going to add to it as I think of more things. Some of these are things I hope to do in the next month, some are in the year, and some are things I hope to do in my lifetime (fyi).

  1. Finish decorating my office.
  2. Travel abroad (Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece, France… you name it. I’ve never been anywhere but Mexico internationally!)
  3. Shoot a wedding abroad (see above).
  4. Get my work published on a blog.
  5. Get my work featured in a magazine.
  6. Host a workshop.
  7. Streamline my business.
  8. Hire an employee and/or intern.
  9. Take a road-trip around the USA (so many great places here to see that James and I haven’t yet – James has his heart set on the Grand Canyon.)
  10. Visit the east coast/meet James’ extended family.
  11. Have a baby (or 3)
  12. Design & print our own wedding album. (Yeah, we haven’t yet… oops)
  13. Write a wedding graduate post for A Practical Wedding.
  14. Get accounting software & develop a regular system for inputting information to it! (Yeaaaaah… need this badly.)
  15. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea.
  16. Train Chloe to STAY.
  17. Develop a better organizing system for personal photos.
  18. Print personal photos & put in albums! (No more Facebook as my album. No no no.)
  19. Sell our 2nd car.
  20. Go to a cabin somewhere with a fireplace, a hot tub on a deck, and snow falling outside. (I’m seriously missing winter this year! I need this!)
  21. Meet all the lovely APW ladies I’m friends with online in real life!
  22. Mentor someone.
  23. Get an IL license and transfer our car to IL plates. (Can I get in trouble for putting this online? I’ve been here for 6.5 years. Oops!)
  24. Buy a home (preferably with a backyard).
  25. Grow my own garden.
  26. Renew our vows/throw a big wedding-like party again. Because we like weddings. (Obviously.)
  27. Be the kind of person my grandma would be proud of.
  28. Take social media breaks more often.
  29. Volunteer to take photos of pets up for adoption at a shelter.
  30. Get out my Mamiya and shoot film again.

I’m certain there are lots of things I’m forgetting – so I’m going to try to update this regularly & (hopefully) cross a few things off along the way!


And because no post is complete without photos… here are a few pics from our NYE dinner party we threw! (If you could call it that… haha. It was *pretty* low-key, but we had fun!) However, I’m completely bummed that I did not get any photos of me and James together, or of my new dress I got just for NYE! 🙁 Another time my friends… another time.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2012!! 🙂


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