December Tidbits ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I was hoping to share my last wedding of the year with you guys today – but I just wasn’t going to get it done at a reasonable hour (& have been staying up WAY too late working this week and need to stop the trend)!

Anyway, I didn’t want to rush it – because this couple and their families are so close to my heart – I want to make sure I have time to do their beautiful wedding justice! So I’m hoping I’ll have that to share with you guys on Monday! Yay! 🙂

So, in the meantime – I thought I’d share some tidbits from life via my camera phone pictures with you guys!!


1. Chloe wiped out after Christmas

2. Chloe falling in love with Chels & Dan!

3. Christmas presents!

4. Nail polish problem continues.

5. She sleeps like this all the time. So strange!

6. We had a loofa incident in the shower. And by “we” – I mean Chloe. Mmm hmm.

7. Christmas present!

8. Being held hostage by the pup! (Okay, not really. But she’s so soft and cute sleeping on my arm I didn’t want to move & wake her!)

9. A new canvas print we ordered for the house came! Wee!

10. Home for Christmas. Lovely.

11. Business reading! YAY!

12. Best snack combo ever. String cheese (only the best from WI though) + cheese Doritos. Don’t judge.

13. Chloe steals my socks.

14. Oatmeal season!

15. Nail polish problem – again. Christmas nails this time.


1. Good morning adorable!

2. James and I are on a frozen treats dessert kick. Flashback to my childhood with the Luigi’s Italian Ice. YUM!

3. Date night! I was so proud of myself for showering and getting dressed that I had to document it! 🙂

4. I’m obsessed with organic caramel apples from Stanley’s lately. James brings them home for me constantly. Also – they GINORMOUS. (Yes, that’s a word.)

5. I nearly lost it when I woke up to this adorableness next to me! Awwwww! Cuddles.

6. Our tree! (Which is still up. I keep telling J that I’ll take it down… and I keep finding something better to do instead. It is SO DEAD and Chloe won’t stop eating it. I must take it down! Maybe this weekend? Hmm.)

7. Harry & David goodness from my aunt for Christmas. Omnomnom.

8. I actually cooked in December! It was fun. I’m still doing it. Yay for time to make & eat tasty meals!

9. The bath obsession continues.

10. Nails? Surprising!

11. She is getting LONG… and she stretches out all the way very often just to remind us!

12. More throwback dessert treats in the Tyler house. Rocket popsicles! SO. GOOD.

13. Me and co-worker!

14. A good reminder with my morning latte…

15. Nails? Never! 🙂


Happy weekending everybody! XOXO! 🙂

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