The Nail Polish Problem ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer


I suppose I could have worse problems (i.e. more expensive – like designer jeans or handbags or shoes)… but this nail polish thing I have going on is quickly becoming a problem regardless, even if the bottles are under $10 each. I can’t walk into Ulta or Sephora without coming out with a new Essie or OPI color. It’s true. Lately I’ve been doing all I can to avoid going in for some much-needed face wash because I know what I’ll come out with… and it’s not face wash! 🙂



My collection is slowly getting larger and larger, and the sad thing is that for a while there I wasn’t even using the polishes I was buying because I didn’t have time to keep up with it! But now that it’s slow season for me – I have a bit more ‘me time’ which means I’ve been actually painting my nails (and changing my polish on a very regular basis). As soon as one nail chips – off it all comes and on goes a new color.

The only consistency with my nails this season has been my obsession with my new favorite polish from OPI’s Muppets Collection: Rainbow Connection. It makes the perfect topper to any color and adds just the right amount of holiday bling. Lately (since I’m not heading to a NYE party anytime soon) I’ve only been putting the sparkle on my ring finger nails. I’m not even sure it looks good like that – but I can’t help it – I’m obsessed!

What colors are you guys loving this winter season?



(Let’s ignore the fact that I didn’t touch up the edges & I could use some lotion… ok? Thanks!)



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