January Tidbits ~ Chicago Elopement Photographer

Hello from the Dominican Republic you guys!! (Well, technically I’m sitting in a chilly office in Chicago writing this at the moment, but when the post goes live I’ll hopefully have safely made it to Punta Cana for What If! Yay!!) So, apparently it is February already, huh?! That’s a little insane! January flew by much faster than I would like, which means time in general is flying by! Eeeps!

January was full of lots of traveling for us (for personal reasons for a change, which was nice), and was also full of wrapping up our 2012 business year. Thankfully I was able to start February fresh – with all editing done and all projects sent out to our clients. Woot! Woot! So here I sit – with what feels like a blank slate at the start of February, and simultaneously a very full plate of things to do. haha. I’m not sure that makes sense, but it does in my head! (Excuse me, I may be lacking a bit of sleep as I am prepping for my trip…)

So, let’s move on – shall we?! January in camera photos – here we go… 🙂


1. Tis the season for comfort food – including homemade chicken chili topped with cheese! Mmm.

2. My little back seat driver!

3. Just a dog and her favorite blanket.

4. Other than the day after we got back from DC (in which I worked until 11pm), I must say I’ve been pretty great about calling it a day at a reasonable hour (6:30-7:30pm), shutting this door, and enjoying my nights with my little family!

5. We left our tree up way longer than probably acceptable. And I don’t care. 🙂

6. I have a serious obsession with anything coral colored lately. Pretty sure almost everything I’ve purchased in 2013 has some form of the color in it! Oops.

7. James decided to pick up a few shifts at the gym to keep himself busy this off-season, which means lots of cuddle time for Chloe & I (and photo documentation of it so I can text it to J while he’s working & make him wish he hadn’t thought picking up shifts was a good idea… haha). 😉

8. If you follow me over on Instagram, you know I have a bagel problem. Meaning… I need to eat at least 1-2 bagels a day… usually in the form of delicious sandwiches I make up. This breakfast sandwich was pretty darn tasty! 🙂

9. We finally got our New Year’s cards out in January! Woot!

10. Lunch date with James to chat about 2013 goals & review our 2012.

11. Chloe’s favorite way to wake me up… by getting way too up close and personal! haha

12. My loves! Aren’t they the cutest?! But seriously… aren’t we loving J’s new glasses?! I am!!


1. I woke to Chloe doing Thriller in bed. ha!

2. Lots of meet-ups with potential clients this month meant lots of grabbing tasty beer/wine out in cozy bars in the city!

3. I think I was attempting to text James a pick of Chloe & I enjoying a Packer game while he was at work – but Chloe foiled the plans!

4. Can you tell Chloe & I hung out a lot this month?! Here we are intently watching the Golden Globes together! I love watching it with her – she never gets annoyed by my constantly commentary or crying! haah

5. I finally took down the Christmas tree – and in typical Chloe fashion – she had to help out by  packing up her toys in the ornament box!

6. Gray with pink glitter. Fun! 🙂

7. (Again in typical Chloe fashion)… I laid out all the stuff I needed to head out to a potential client meeting and she thought maybe, just maybe they would appreciate if I brought them a rawhide too. Duh.

8. Did somebody say something? I’m trying to sleep in here!

9. On the train to the airport – headed to DC! Yeah! I believe James said right before taking this, “Here’s Christy pre-flu!” He always knows what crazy things to say to encourage a genuine smile. lol (Thankfully he was wrong and neither of us got sick on our trip! Whew!)

10. Tyler family pre-flight ritual no matter what time of day. Mmm hmm.

11. See you later Chi-town!

12. We finally made it to DC, got cleaned up, and were antsy to get out of our hotel room!


1. Dessert is always required when on vacation.

2. I looooved the light in our hotel room in Alexandria! I may or may not have taken quite a few photos standing in the morning rim light. Isn’t it pretty? (Ignore my sleepy look & pajamas please…)

3. The Capitol! So cool!!

4. Our tickets to the Inauguration! Definitely planning to actually print photos from our trip & put all the memorabilia in an album to show our kids someday!

5. On the Metro into D.C. on the Inauguration day. Just… *sigh*… I loved this trip!

6. Home again home again and someone was happy to see us!

7. So happy to see us, in fact, that she couldn’t help but stare awkwardly at James from across the room as he did his homework. haha!

8. Only a couple days back home and we were off again – this time to Wisconsin to spend some time with family & friends! Which included heading to our family’s cabin for some sledding and s’mores (of course)! (Look for photos from this little weekend getaway later this week!)

9. Driving through some nasty weather on our way back to Chicago and Chloe insisted on laying her head on my shoulder for the trip. I can’t say I minded…

10. A couple delicate new necklaces I purchased recently. I know.. again with the coral!

11. Getting creative with our meals when the car was broken down. This was my cream of portabella mushroom casserole with chicken, artichokes, & cheddar! Mmmm. It tastes WAY BETTER than it looks – I promise!

12. And last but not least – closing out an amazing month with a double date/game night at home with Lauren & Gary! (Clearly we were doing our best to make up for all the times we missed our family/friends this wedding season & saw almost all of them in January! It was awesome!)


January was an awesome month to reboot and spend lots of quality time with our loved ones! Here’s to continuing that trend throughout 2013!


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