A Week in the Life ~ Chicago Loft Wedding Photographer

It has been an interesting go of it for James and I this week (or not so interesting… depending how you look at it)! Here are a few random tidbits on what is going on at the Tyler household!

1. I wrapped up editing on all our 2012 & current 2013 shoots!! This may not seem like a big deal… but this is the first time I’ve been out from under the weight of knowing I have work yet to get back to clients – and it feels AMAZING! I finally have the slate wiped clean and am looking forward to tackling my massive off-season to-do list/2013 goals now! (Including taxes… yay! haha)

2. Our car broke down. Wah wah. It has been on the verge of doing this for a while now. We took it in and they said everything was fine… but the engine light remained on..? So we made a few changes that we hoped would do the trick, somehow magically got to/from Wisconsin last weekend, and then Monday when I hopped in the car to head to lunch with some friends – it wouldn’t start. We’ve tried and tried to no avail. We’re currently attempting to avoid the towing cost & are going to see if a friend can (hopefully) jump it today so we can get it to the shop. We shall see how that goes!

3. Since we have been car-less all week we’ve been walking more to run errands… getting creative with at-home workouts (so much for hitting the gym consistently this week in preparation for a week in my swimsuit next week! ah!)…  J has been taking public transit to class… and I’ve been forced to make do with the groceries we have in the house. It was annoying at first – but it actually has been kind of nice to be forced out of our comfort zones & realize how much we rely on this silly car! Thankfully we didn’t have anything big on the calendar this week (no meetings/shoots/etc) – so we’ve been able to deal. Definitely the best option timing-wise for our car breaking down rather than in the middle of wedding season!

4. Making do with groceries = experimental dinners. Who knew that pasta + chicken + artichokes + garlic + curry + cream of portabella mushroom soup + sharp cheddar = best casserole ever?!?! I must say – I’m pretty darn proud of myself for making up this recipe from scratch all by myself! 🙂 (I may even share it with you all one of these days!)

5. While the car-less week has been okay for now – I’m hoping we have a car by this weekend because I have some spray tanning & mani/pedi action to take care of before heading to the Dominican Republic bright and early Monday morning! Oh, and I also just bought a new swimsuit (because I haven’t purchased a new suit since our belated honeymoon 3 years ago)! Here’s hoping it looks half as cute on me as it does on her! Yowsa!

6. I announced our spring workshops! The Beginner Workshop is sold out already! This kind of blew my mind!! (Secretly I’m tempted to let more people sneak in there – but I have to have room for you all in our living room, so I think we’ll leave it where it is at!) And the Advanced Workshop is on its way too!! I’m super excited about the ladies who have signed up so far and can’t wait to see who else jumps in and joins us! I can’t wait to help people get even closer to reaching their dreams!!

Overall it has been a nice week to decompress from all the travel we did the in the last couple weeks, and have a super productive week in the office! Which is just what I needed before packing up my bags again and heading out to the Dominican next week! I’m still planning to blog Monday through Friday so make sure to tune in even though I may not be able to share the links on FB/Twitter (depending on our internet connection there)!! Okay?!

Have a fabulous weekend you guys! I plan to relax, pack, overindulge on Super Bowl Sunday, and of course spend as much time as I can with these two cuties before I head out on my own next week…


See you all Monday!


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