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It is happening… after posting about my to-edit list just over a month ago in early November – I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

For a while it felt like no matter how much I did, how many hours I sat at my computer, how many trips to the gym I skipped, how many times I told people I was ‘too busy’ to get together because I had to stay home and edit… I just felt like I wasn’t making a dent. The weight on my chest just would not go away no matter how hard I worked.

Then yesterday suddenly I realized that I only had 5 more things on the list that was once 34 sessions/weddings long!! And because of that – last night, for the first time in a really long time, I was able to actually take the rest of the night off without feeling guilty that I should be working. I knew I was on track with the schedule I had made for myself… and so I made myself dinner, poured myself a glass of wine, pulled the Christmas decorations out of the closet, and allowed myself to embrace the holidays for the first time this season.

And it. was. fabulous. (Even though I ran out of lights at the top of the tree… haha! I definitely need to run to the store today & pick up another string or two!)

I’m excited to finally have life slow down a little bit in the next few weeks. Although I’m not done yet, (I still need to finish those left on the list & and we have 2 more weddings to shoot this year), from here on out I plan to work at a decidedly more manageable pace than I’ve been keeping for the last month. I’m looking forward to having time to look back on this past year, and refocus ourselves for 2013.

But for now… I’m just going to enjoy the light…



More ‘real’ Christmas photos to come as soon as I have everything up and decorated!!


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