Lana + Jon ~ Stout’s Island Lodge Wedding ~ Intimate Wisconsin Northwoods Wedding Photography

You guys. I don’t even know where to start with this post for various reasons…

1. Lana is one of my nearest and dearest friends. I’ve been friends with this girl for 15 years (or more? I’m losing track)! Lana is the kind of person who lights up a room when she walks in – always with a pep in her step and smile on her face. I kid you not. She makes you FEEL GOOD & HAPPY when you’re around her, and that is an amazing (& rare) quality to have.
2. Jon is the perfect compliment to Lana. I first met Jon a couple years ago at our friend, Missy’s, wedding. And as you are when you first meet new boyfriends of your closest girlfriends – I was cautious initially. But literally a few minutes after seeing how happy he made Lana, and how clearly smitten he was with her – I was sold. (And then he contacted me about shooting his proposal to Lana, and he got even more points in my book! haha)

Aside from my love for these two… the wedding in itself was amazing!! There were 27 people in attendance total – including Lana & Jon, the priest, and James & I! (I love cozy intimate weddings!) Although these two live in L.A., they held their wedding in the northwoods of Wisconsin at one of the most amazing little island resorts I’ve ever seen in my life – Stout’s Island Lodge/Island of Happy Days!! The only way to get to the lodge was via a ‘ferry’ that leaves the island at 10 to the hour every hour, and arrives on the mainland on the hour every hour. So if you miss the ferry – you’re stuck on the island (or the mainland) for another hour. (Though to be honest, it’s really more of a pontoon boat that might sink at any moment than it is a ‘ferry’… haha). It’s kind of amazing, actually.

The resort is made up of a main lodge and then a whole bunch of other little houses/lodges scattered about the island. There’s a main hall where they serve breakfast, and where you can make reservations to have dinner with your friends/family. There is a bon fire they light every night at dusk, tennis courts, hiking trails, water sports, fishing… you name it. The whole thing almost felt more like summer camp than a resort/lodge – and I LOVED it for that reason! (Oh yeah, and the rooms have no keys!! You could lock your room from the inside – but when you left – the room was left open/unlocked. Whoa. It took us a minute to get used to – but seriously – kind of cool after living in a city where we don’t trust anyone and  never leave ANYTHING unlocked!)

Anyway – I could really talk about Lana & Jon, and their wedding forever – but I think I should let the photos do the job instead! (And there are plenty of them!)

Lana & Jon ~ THANK YOU – THANK YOU – THANK YOU for letting James and I be a part of your truly amazing wedding weekend in the northwoods! It was exactly what we needed at that point in the year… spending time with loved ones, nature, and away from it all! It was truly like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. We love you both SO MUCH, and are incredibly honored that you allowed us not only to spend your intimate wedding weekend with you, but also that you trusted us to document it for you both to remember always. I can only hope we did it justice. Love you guys! (Can’t wait to see you this weekend Lana!!! AHHHH!!) 🙂 xoxox



LOOOOVE them & this wedding!!

*SIGH* … don’t you just want to go there RIGHT NOW? James and I are already plotting our return visit!


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