Winding Down & Holiday Dreaming ~ Wisconsin Lake Wedding Photographer

It is seriously hard to believe that this year is coming to a close! It feels like we were just starting wedding season… and suddenly – we’re less than 2 months away from 2013! Crazy talk!

Officially we’re 23 weddings down with 4 to go, and just 4 other regular sessions left for the year. And while it seems like that should mean things are calm and easy over here in photo world – it is quite the opposite. Now that we’re winding down with shooting for the year – the editing is going on FULL BLAST. And trust me – I’m doing my very best to catch up on all the sessions and weddings we were shooting non-stop in late September and October just as quickly as humanly possible! 🙂

I was feeling especially overwhelmed by the sheer number of things on my ‘to-edit’ list lately, so on our 5 hour car ride back from Cincinnati this weekend I made a list of everything I need to edit – and mapped out my work days for the next two months. I know… it sounds crazy (and probably is) – but there is something about knowing that each session/wedding has a specific place on the schedule to get edited and out the door that is calming for me.



I decided to go the over-planning route this year – because last year I didn’t really get to enjoy the holidays much. I was literally editing all the way through Christmas into new year and beyond… and it was quite the bummer (if I do say so myself).

So my plan for this year is ensure that I’m totally finished with editing at least a week before Christmas (including the December weddings we’re shooting) – so that I can have a clear mind to truly relax and celebrate the holidays. As things are right now on the calendar I mapped out – I should be totally wrapped up for the year by December 22nd and hope to take the entire next week off to enjoy Christmas until our final wedding of the year on December 29th!! How amazing would that be?! This thought is what is keeping me going on these long days of non-stop editing… knowing busting my tail right now means that I can relax and take a real vacation over Christmas!

In the meantime – during my lunch breaks I’ll be leafing through these beautiful holiday catalogs that have me dreaming of snowy winter days with our cold weather loving puppy!



(I know, I know… you think it’s probably too soon to be holiday dreaming… but I can’t help myself! And just so you don’t think I’ve forgotten about Thanksgiving – I’m Thanksgiving dreaming too! James and I are prepping for our annual cousin’s theme party as we speak! The theme this year is “90’s music artists” – and to say we’re SUPER excited for our costumes is a serious understatement!! haha) 🙂


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