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I realized the other day that we’re just over 2 weeks away from Christmas (let’s not talk about it) – which means I should probably get my Thanksgiving post up, huh?! I wanted to share with you guys a glimpse of what Thanksgiving weekend looks like in my family. (Okay, so this is not so much a glimpse… it’s kind of a lot of pictures. haha) Anyway – the weekend is jam-packed with traditions/events and is completely fabulous.

Instead of attempting to explain it all here – I think I’ll just post pictures and tell you about it as we go. Sound good? 🙂


We start off Thanksgiving morning with a family race/run/walk! Here’s the whole crew before the start of the run, all in our fabulous race t-shirts thanks to my Aunt Mary & Uncle George! 🙂

(I didn’t get pics of the race or the winners… since I left my camera back in the car. We did, after all, have a crazy puppy to wrangle for the entire run.)

Everybody gets home, gets ready, and comes back to our house for the start of the festivities around 11am. (Just in time for the start of the Packer game!) 🙂

Staking out our spots at the table with beer bottles…

We may or may not like Spotted Cow… hmmm?

Almost time to eat our big Thanksgiving meal (during half time – of course). All the aunts & uncles are pitching in!

Ready for the food to arrive (and sick of me taking pictures, perhaps)! ha ha

Littlest nephew helping dish up the cranberry fluff for all the tables!

Saying grace… SO thankful for our big, amazing family!!!

65 people total for Thanksgiving this year… that means tables set up all over our house! 🙂 I love it!

Dessert… YUM. Pumpkin or cranberry custard anyone? 🙂

Or pie? 🙂

I begged James to take a picture with me. (I had to make sure he was looking at the camera & not making a silly face!)

We both look like we’ve had a couple beers and A LOT of food – don’t we? ha ha! This is right before James went to take a 6 hour nap! 😉 (True story.)

My mom and *almost* all her siblings! (Just missing Uncle Jim!)

Game time!

Then off to the local bowling alleys we go – a yearly tradition!

Our family shot – kamikazes! (Do most families have a ‘family shot’??) And a tube-o-beer… or something… ?

The next morning at dawn… the start of another beautiful day in Wisconsin!

More bowling! This time with the kiddos! (We don’t have a ton of options as far as entertainment goes in my hometown… if you can’t tell. haha)

Celebrating littlest nephew’s birthday a little early since my brother Ben was in from NYC & had presents to give him!

Friday night = time for our annual cousin’s theme party!  This year’s theme – – Disney characters!!! I was shocked at how amazing everybody’s homemade costumes were FOR REAL. But I suppose I shouldn’t have been… seeing as we take costumes seriously in my family! 🙂

Out at our family’s ski hill/cabin for the party!

Getting the party started!

(I don’t usually show the actual party pictures – since generally they’re not totally appropriate – ha ha … but I couldn’t help but share this one. James caught it when the cork was in mid-air. I love it!) 🙂

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, resting, and eating some more. 🙂  I love Thanksgiving. I love my family. 🙂 <3

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