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As those of you know who have been around these parts for a while… James and I are TERRIBLE about waiting to give each other presents. The moment we get the gift – we have to give it to each other. That means this year James got his first Christmas present before Thanksgiving. (Oops.) I got my first one shortly into December… and we continued to give each other gifts for the remainder of this month.



So far I’ve gotten a 2 pairs of pajamas (because I work in my pajamas on a regular basis and J is clearly tired of seeing my dingy old pjs… and I can’t blame him!), a cozy robe, a new winter coat, the Chapelle Show series on DVD, a Mumford & Sons CD, and a necklace (that may or may not have gotten returned… :-\… sorry J). (Clearly I’m spoiled, big time.) And James got an awesome GPS Nike running watch, running shoes, and a cute new shirt (if I do say so myself). (Obviously we don’t have kids to buy for yet – when that happens we may actually have to regulate gifts a little more than we do now… haha.)



We each saved one gift that is a surprise for the other one to get on Christmas. Are you impressed?! You should be!!! James claims my gift is AMAZING – and I actually can’t really handle the anticipation – but I’m pretending to be an adult and doing my best to patiently wait for it. And since I know I’m incapable of waiting to give James gifts – I waited until the last minute to order his final gift so I would have no option but to give it to him at Christmas. Except for there is one problem… I realized it might not even be here in time for Christmas. Wife fail.

Fingers crossed it shows up by tomorrow so I have it in time to take to Wisconsin – but if not – I’ll hope he’ll forgive me and enjoy his belated Christmas gift. I figure it’ll balance out with all the early gifts I’ve given him over the years… right?!



Anyway – I can’t believe it is the last Friday before Christmas!!! Wow. I still have some shopping to do (eeps!), presents to wrap, and editing to finish up… but I’m doing my best to relax a bit and enjoy the season as well. We’re heading up to Wisconsin for the holiday and I’m SO EXCITED to have my entire family together for the first time since last Christmas!! I plan to take lots of photos (which you know I’ll share here), and enjoy some serious family time. 🙂

I may post one last wedding this weekend before we take a break for the holiday, and then I’ll be back on the blog again late next week on Thursday & Friday for a couple posts to wrap up 2012! Until then – have a safe and happy holiday!!! XOXO!


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