New Memories, Old Friends ~ Weekend Round-Up in Photos!

I must say – that after being so torn up about the awful tragedy that happened last Friday in Connecticut… having my girls in town for the weekend was exactly what I needed. It forced me to turn off the TV, get off the computer, stay (mostly) off social media, and just enjoy quality time with some of the most important people in my life.

It ended up being cold and rainy all day on Saturday – but we didn’t let it put a damper on our weekend! Our plans of fun out and about in the city – turned into a little bit of fun out and about, and a whole lot of fun in! We spent a majority of the time just hanging out in our living room, sipping wine, and catching up on everybody’s lives – and it was amazing!!!

Here is a little round-up of our weekend in photos! 🙂 LOVE these girls!! This low-key weekend was exactly what I needed. <3


Lana arrived Friday and we started off the night with a little tree decorating, drinks, nail painting, and Christmas movies (White Christmas, & Love Actually)!!!

Saturday the rest of the ladies showed up and things got rolling! (Chloe had to be IN the action… clearly.)

Our attempts at group photos were foiled by Chloe’s obsession with the self timer…. haha!

Trying to keep her out of the way isn’t working so well! 😉

Finally!!! haha!


Nothing like going thru photos from high school and questioning every fashion choice you’ve ever made… haha…

I think we ordered enough Chinese take out for 20 people!

Chloe was loving the girl time! 🙂

Board games and Chloe is making sure nobody is cheating – naturally.

Then after the ladies left – Lana, James, and I closed out the weekend with a super lazy Sunday of football & more Christmas movies! (GO PACKERS! ;))

Chloe LOVED having Lana here (as did we, of course)! After dropping her off at the airport (& Chloe crying as Lana headed into the airport), then I headed home to watch JP & Ashley’s wedding!!! You know I’m a sucker for a great love story! (I may or may not have been SOBBING. Seriously love them together!!!)


I hope you all had fabulous weekends as well! It was crazy to have a full weekend off… I can’t remember the last time that happened, let alone that I had off from shooting and didn’t work at all in some way, shape, or form! It was so refreshing! Now I’m ready for a busy week complete with meetings, lots of editing, and our SHARE group holiday party tonight! 😉

Happy Monday everybody!!



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