Quote Post ~ Friendship

This weekend I’m hosting a girls’ holiday weekend in the city with my dearest and oldest friends – and I AM SO EXCITED. (Lana is even flying in from L.A. for it!!) I honestly can’t remember the last time all 6 of us were together, let alone together for more than just a couple hours. We plan to do holiday things in the city – and take in all the beauty that is Chicago at Christmastime.  (Although I’m sure it won’t even matter what we’re doing – since I’m positive we’d all be just as happy staying in and catching up the entire weekend.)

It’s crazy when I think of all the places we’ve all lived… what we’ve all done… and what we’ve all been through in the 15+ years that we’ve been friends… high school, college, grad school, many miles, weddings, kids, great sorrows, and great joys… and through all of that – we remain as close as ever. It is an amazing thing. I love these girls so much and feel so blessed to still have them all in my life. And I’m so excited to have them here for the weekend!


“True friendship is when friends can walk in opposite directions, yet remain side by side…”   ~ Unknown


I honestly can’t believe it is Friday already! Time needs to slow down… I’m not ready for Christmas to be here in 11 days! Ah! Happy weekending everybody! 🙂


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