August Tidbits ~ Chicago Elopement Photographer

Sooo August was … INSANE. (And somehow September is even busier…!?!? Eeps!)

What was supposed to be one of our slowest months of the year at the start of wedding season… somehow turned into a crazy busy month. We shot a proposal at the top of the Willis Tower, an engagement, a family session, and a baby session. We had 11 meet-ups, and shot 5 weddings – one of them 2-days long. (I am seriously SO EXCITED to share all these sessions/weddings with you guys! I just cannot work fast enough for my liking! haha!) In the middle of all of that – were lots of little moments in between. Here’s a glimpse at our August in cell phone pics! 🙂


1. A lot of long wedding days = hearty breakfasts!

2. James high above Chicago at sunset.

3. One of my major inspirations in going to the gym… free gossip mags! 🙂

4. Navigator Chloe.

5. Absolutely love being fed a hot meal by our clients at weddings! Sooo good after a long day on our feet running around! 🙂

6. Sunset in Green Lake (where we were married 3 years ago). Awww…

7. I have a pretty handsome husband if I do say so myself.

8. Peek-a-boo!

9. Chloe’s first trip to the dog beach!

10. Rainy day = dog beach to ourselves! Where to go?!

11. He refuses to look at the camera for photos anymore. Somehow he is sick of being in photos?! … WHAT?! HOW?!

12. We had a little cold snap in August and you know I pulled my boots out as quickly as I could!


1. The one day a week I put myself together… wedding days!

2. Sleepy buddies. (i.e. Chloe is a bed hog!)

3. Little suck up…

4. Showdown!

5. Brunch with Lauren at Twisted Spoke. Say WHOA.

6. James met up with us towards the end of brunch… and this is how we were dressed – accidentally. haha

7. We got new wine glasses! (One already broke. Okay… I broke it, as usual.) James likes to take advantage of the size & avoid having to refill… haha…

8. Chloe loves to nuzzle our necks… it is kind of ridiculous. 🙂

9. Our idea of a great date night… wings & beer! Mmm.

10. Ummm…..

11. Ballin’!

12. Anne came to visit!!!! And as expected – Chloe LOVED her. 🙂


1. All ears.

2. After wedding refreshment. Ahhh. 🙂

3. I love my brides! How beautiful is Alyssa?! (And that view isn’t bad either… ;))

4. Family came to visit!!! <3

5. Chloe liked our extra bed set-up for the kiddos!

6. New desk chair!

7. My awesome friend Sarah had her bachelorette in the city! I think it’s the first time I’ve been out of the house dressed up & in heels in … ohhh… I don’t know… like 4 years?! haha

8. Neighborhood watch.

9. Swim date night! (Hot goggles.)

10. I got Chloe in a Wisconsin sweatshirt!!! (For about 2 seconds. Clearly.)

11. Part 2 of my early birthday present! AHHHH!!!! I’m so scared! And I’m so excited!! Eeps!

12. School is back in session & James has a new study-buddy. 🙂


August was great – but I can’t wait to see what September holds! We’ll be ringing in my 31st birthday, 1 year of full-time business, fall, college football, and the NFL season! 🙂 Love it!

And this weekend – James and I are ATTENDING our first wedding in 2 years! Yay! I’m going to eat appetizers guilt-free, say YES when offered wine, wear high heels & a non-practical dress, and dance my face off! 🙂 See you Monday!


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