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My sister and her family came to the city late Tuesday night so we could have all day Wednesday to hang out and enjoy a beautiful summer day together! Usually they visit during our off season, since things are less busy around here – but we were tired of being stuck in the house, avoiding the freezing cold weather outside – so we said forget it – and planned a trip for them to visit mid-week between weddings this summer – and I’m so happy we did!

We slept in a bit, got ready, and then headed to the Museum of Science & Industry for the day! Afterwards, we picked up some delicious carry-out for dinner… including fresh sushi from a local joint in our neighborhood, along with some greasy Chicago drive-thru food! I know, I know… a strange mixture – but we couldn’t decide what we were hungry for and both options made everybody happy! 🙂

We’ve been so busy shooting this summer that I was too lazy to drag my big ‘real’ camera out with us – so these are some photos throughout our day from my iPhone (sorry – I know they’re truly terrible and I should be ashamed… but I can’t help it)!


The night they arrived! A few quick pics before bedtime… 🙂

Off to the Museum of Science & Industry we go!

Ice cream break = happy kiddos!

This submarine exhibit blew me away! So huge!!

Littlest nephew was SO PUMPED about these crazy mirrors! haha!

Home in time for some greasy Chicago grub! This place is old. school. (And delicious!)

Why yes, those are cheese fries in a homemade tortilla bowl. Yup. And a ton of sushi. And a foot-long polish sausage. Mmm hmm.

Toasting with their cheese fries! 🙂

Food coma…

A few required pics before they headed back to Madison!


We are crazy about these kiddos!!! Nothing like a day laughing and playing with kids to remind you what is important in life… <3


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