Vinnie + Eunice ~ Willis Tower Skydeck Proposal ~ Chicago Proposal Photography

Have I mentioned that I absolutely love shooting surprise proposals in Chicago?! Well, I do! 🙂 So when Vinnie contacted me to capture him popping the question to his longtime girlfriend, Eunice, at none other than the Skydeck at Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower) – I jumped at the chance!

I was so happy that we were available on last minute notice and we rocked it out! I’ve never shot a proposal inside a building before – let alone in such a popular tourist destination high atop Chicago! Thank goodness for text messaging and camera phones – because Vinnie and I were in constant contact as he and Eunice arrived in order to figure out exactly how we were going to orchestrate this around all the tourists fighting for space in the Skydeck boxes that stick out off the building! After taking photos of James to demonstrate where I wanted him to get Eunice for the big moment – we got it all in order and it went off without a hitch! (Well, except for the lady who budged in between us right as he was about to pop the question the first time! haha! Poor Vinnie! He had to step back, reset, and get amped up to try again a few minutes later after they were able to wiggle their way back out to the viewing box. 🙂

Anyway – enough chatter – here is the beautiful Chicago proposal high atop the Willis Tower Skydeck at sunset!


Here’s where we thought it was going to happen, then this lady jumped right into the middle of everything! haha! Poor Vinnie!

Took a few minutes – and tried again. This time – success! 🙂


Congratulations again you two!!! I’m so happy for you!



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