Birthday Dinner ~ Bread & Wine ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Last night we went out to dinner with James’ brother, Rich, and his girlfriend, Amanda, for Rich’s birthday! We checked out a new restaurant in our area, Bread and Wine (which I’m pretty excited about because it is close to us and delicious!!), and then we headed back to our place for a night cap and a little bit of Wii boxing action! 🙂

I love having family around and every time we hang out with Rich and Amanda, it makes me wish all 4 of my siblings were close enough for weeknight hang outs with dinner and drinks too!

Here are some photos of our escapades last night! 🙂



Happy Friday everyone! I have wedding and proposal goodness to share with you next week that I’m super excited about!! And we’re shooting double header weddings this weekend as well – so even more wedding goodness on your way!! See you all Monday! xoxo! 🙂


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