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Last year we were so busy panicking that we wouldn’t have enough money to make it through our first off-season that we made sure not to spend any money beyond our budget, and as such, spent our off-season hanging out at home and getting creative for date nights when we weren’t working. This year, now that we’re realizing how truly busy and exhausting a full-time wedding season really is – we have decided we are 100% making sure we take advantage of next off-season and get our butts onto a beautiful beach somewhere as soon as the new year rolls around!!

We haven’t gone on a vacation together just the two of us since our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta 3 years ago, so we figure it is high time we take a vacation! We’ve been brainstorming ideas for the past month or so… coming up with quite a few locations we’d like to hit up (Switzerland, Ireland, the Caribbean, Italy, and many more). After butting heads for a while trying to figure out somewhere we could agree upon – it seems we may have finally settled on heading to Hawaii with a day or two layover in San Francisco to hit up a few places we didn’t get to when we were there a couple years ago for my cousin’s wedding (and to take a break from an otherwise very long flight).

This is all in the super early “dreaming” stages… but I figure if I put it out into the universe – then you all will hold me accountable for making sure we do it, yes?! We have a lot of research to do about all of it (not to mention a LOT of money to save)… but I’m seriously getting really excited about the prospect of a real vacation away together for the first time in much too long!

So – those of you that have been to Hawaii – do you have any recommendations? We’re leaning towards going to Kauai and just exploring/vegging out the whole time, but I don’t know if that makes sense or not because we really know NOTHING about what there is to do anywhere, other than that Kauai is a very lush/natural part of the islands (right?).

Anyway – let me know if you’ve been and what tips you have for us… where we should go… what we should do!! And if you have any vacation suggestions for non-Hawaii destinations – let us know those as well! We’re totally making a list and going to do our best to hit up a new place each off-season!!!


And because I can’t leave a post without a photo – here is a pic of us from our last solo vacation together – on our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta! 🙂



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