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I try really hard not to wish time away, or to hope for time to go by faster (especially since time is FLYING quite fast enough as it is)… but the weather the past few days has me positively wishing for fall to arrive already! I’m not a hot weather girl by any means (unless I’m in a swimsuit by the pool). I tend to get a *bit* grumpy if I get overly hot and uncomfortable (just ask James) – so I seriously cannot wait for the crisp air of fall!



Fall has always been my favorite season (perhaps since my birthday falls in the mix), but even more so because I’m a lover of ALL things fall…

  • football
  • cool breezes
  • cute scarves
  • boots
  • caramel apples
  • jeans
  • sweaters
  • not looking like a hot, frizzy haired mess while shooting weddings (eww)
  • leaves crunching under my feet
  • pumpkin lattes
  • did I mention football????
  • chili cheese dip / football snacks (I know these aren’t limited to football season – but they just taste better when eaten in front of the TV while watching a game!)
  • new seasons of TV shows!

There really is just SO much to love about fall… isn’t there?! James and I have been soaking in the cool air with the windows open the past few nights and I haven’t slept so well in months! It has seriously been amazing. 🙂 So while I don’t want to wish away the days… I wouldn’t mind if the next few weeks kept it up with the cooler than normal temperatures!!



What is your favorite thing about fall?!


. . . .

*Quick note – Today is a day off around here – so if you email or contact me – I’ll get back to you Tuesday! I know it seems soon after our day off on Thursday – but last week was a busy week so we had to do the day off later than normal. From here on out most of our off days will fall on Mondays – FYI! 🙂  Have a great day!!


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