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I’ve been logging a lot of hours sitting on my butt in front of the computer lately. It seems that if I’m not out meeting with potential clients, or shooting weddings/sessions (which is most of the time) – then I am at home in my office with my butt glued to one very uncomfortable chair editing until my eyes feel like they may fall out. (Seriously, my butt is numb right now after editing for the past 11 hours. Oops…) So when the 4th of July rolled around and James and I were invited to get out of the house and hang out with friends – I made sure we jumped at the chance!

I always underestimate the power of taking a breather from work for a bit. It really is an amazing thing for my mental and emotional states! Because after taking the 4th off from working – Thursday was one of the most productive days I’ve had all season! And it felt phenomenal! (Which is probably why I couldn’t get myself to leave the computer. You know – once you’re on a roll – just keep rolling with it!)

Anyway – I digress! So Tuesday night our awesome clients-turned-friends invited us to their place for a little July 3rd BBQ action! We haven’t been able to make any of their get togethers prior to this – so I made sure we finally made it! And as an added bonus, our current clients (and now friends!), Nick and Alyssa were there as well (since Katie & Shaan are friends of theirs and referred them to us!) – so we got to hang out with them too!


(And you know I forced everyone to take a few pictures together! :)As you can see – we were rocking out the cheesy prom poses! I didn’t quite realize that we looked like a conga line with Nick and Alyssa until after we took the pic though! haha!)


Then on the 4th of July I planned to work in the morning – but apparently my body had other ideas – and I ended up sleeping in way late. And it felt so SO good. I don’t ever allow myself to really sleep in, but that day I just couldn’t get out of bed! You know when your body feels like it is 1,000 lbs and you’re just sinking into the bed? Yeah. That’s how I felt. Actually – apparently all 3 of us felt that way that morning! (James might kill me when he sees this post because I didn’t get his approval on his sleeping photo… eeps!)


Then when we finally dragged ourselves out of bed – we headed down to the south loop and lounged at a pool (with a view!) with our friend Lauren, and then headed back to her place to meet up with Gary – where we enjoyed some more delicious BBQ!


All in all it was a wonderful little mid-week break to decompress and re-energize myself, and it worked wonders!! Thank you so much to all of our sweet friends that hosted us! You all rock! 🙂

And now somehow it is already Friday!?! Tomorrow we are shooting Caitlin and Kyle’s wedding and I’m SO excited – not only because I love these two – but because… CAN YOU SAY GRAY & YELLOW?! Yes!!! 🙂

It’s the last of our 7 weddings in a row (where did the time go?!), which just completely blows my mind. Then the next week will be full of engagement sessions, client meet-ups, and a visit from my brother! I’m trying to slow down and remember to enjoy it all because this summer will be over before we know it!

Have a fabulous weekend you guys! xo! See you Monday! 🙂


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