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Are you guys sick of me telling you that I can’t believe how fast time is flying?! Well… I’m sorry – but I’m just going to keep on telling you!!! Because – seriously… Time. Is. Flying. I think I was just talking about the official start of wedding season yesterday – and now we’re already 6 weddings deep! Crazy talk!

And apparently it is July now?! I only know this because we actually did things for the 4th! We had 2 cookouts, went to a pool, hung out with friends, tried to calm Chloe from wanting to attack anyone lighting fireworks…. so  – you know – it is officially July! Which means I (again) forgot to post a tidbits post for the last month! Ah!

So here it is – tidbits from our life in June via my phone camera! (I’m doing my best not to post EVERY picture I take to Instagram so that some of these will be new to those of you who follow me there as well! Sorry if there are any repeats!)


1. Chloe’s usual spot in my office.

2. We did LOTS of driving this month. LOTS of driving. LOTS of traffic.

3. Chilly puppy.

4. Summer = delicious fresh berries in my cereal every day. LOVE it!

5. Chloe is loving our back deck this summer! She could sit out there for hours. (It’s fabulous.)

6. On the road shooting long wedding days with only one (quick) break for dinner means we are eating (too much) fast food this summer. It has become a pre-wedding ritual so that we aren’t starving 3 hours into the wedding!

7. I don’t get why she can’t just lay on the couch like a normal dog. She must always stretch out everywhere and on top of the back cushions…?

8. On our way to a double date night with James’ brother Rich and his girlfriend Amanda! Mexican food + margaritas = yes please! 🙂

9. Chloe’s cousin/boyfriend! haha! Zan and her hubby stopped by on their way through town and we decided their dog & Chloe must be related somehow. Right?!

10. On our way to our only Chicago wedding this month!

11. Chicago wedding view! Sooo pretty. 🙂

12. Cutest 2nd shooter around!


1. Making time to decompress with visits to the gym. James’ favorite activity – bball!

2. James surprised me by getting me the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series…

3. … only to find out he accidentally ordered the large print version! haha! (It is not easy to read. Those words are HUGE!)

4. “Are you taking pictures of me again?!”

5. Quintessential Chicago summer.

6. You may remember a pic similar to this. I seriously can’t get over this. A day away from us and she was all over us on the car ride home! So sweet.

7. Did I mention we eat too much fast food during busy season? Well, we do. A little post-wedding snack pictured here…

8. Chloe is a sucker for a newly made bed. She could be acting like a complete lunatic – but the second she realizes I’m making the bed – she is in our bedroom, waiting for me to smooth down the sheets – and then she is up there ready for bed! It’s so strange!

9. Home for a wedding near my hometown, means staying at my parent’s house and hanging out with my mom! 🙂

10. My hair is continuing with its new-found curls. I’m finally getting used to it – kind of.

11. Our new routine – I make huge salads while watching The Bachelorette on Monday nights (to make up for all the fast food we eat on wedding weekends)…

12. … and James grills out/makes dinner on Tuesday nights! I love it!


1. She is constantly losing toys under the bed in the office/guest bedroom. She’ll do this for a looooong time – until she finally comes to me asking for help.

2. Me and my girl – ready for bed!

3. I found these two sleeping like this. No joke. haha. Twins!

4. Fresh flowers make the world a better place. For real.

5. These two at it again.

6. On my way to a meet-up with potential clients. I showered!!! And have on something besides pajamas! Aren’t you impressed?!

7. The sunsets this month have been UNBELIEVABLE. I can’t get over them! I’m sunset obsessed! (And have been my entire life.)

8. Little day time nap in preparation for J’s night shift at the gym.

9. Did I mention I LOVE fresh fruit?! It tastes so good – and it’s pretty too! 🙂

10. Not surprising – Chloe on top of James. James sick of being in photos. haha

11. Trying to Instagram a glass of prosecco and Chloe decides she wants some!

12. No words.


I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July! I know James and I did!! (But you’ll see more about that in next month’s tidbits!) 😉


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