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Yesterday after a long day on my feet at Saturday’s wedding, I woke early to run business errands, met my cousin for brunch, and then headed to a meet-up with a couple. It was a great day… sunny and beautiful. The perfect summer Sunday. And I felt like I accomplished a lot even though I wasn’t home editing… it was still busy, productive, and somehow – also exhausting. (Although, I’m pretty sure doing anything other than laying on the couch the day after shooting a full wedding is exhausting. :))

On my drive home I had every intention to get home and continue working. We finished our 7 weddings in 6 weekends streak and I was anxious to get caught up on editing. So I thought I’d get home and get right to editing and posting the blog for the next wedding on my list. And after that I thought I’d better get to cleaning the house while I was at it. But. But… the longer I sat in traffic on the way home, and the more errands I ran – the more I felt like somebody was slowly draining every ounce of energy I had right out of my body.

I finally made it home, parked the car, and harnessed every bit of energy I had to get myself out of the car and up what felt like a million flights of stairs to our place. So when I opened the door to find a significantly cleaner house than the one I had left that morning… saw James busy cleaning away… and heard good music playing through the house… I suddenly felt awake again – grinning from ear to ear.



The windows were open. The smell of a newly cleaned house and fresh air blew past me. My gorgeous husband was dusting away in the living room. I couldn’t help but do a little dance right there. I made James dance with me (which resulted in Chloe attacking us, of course), and then I promised I’d help clean.

(I think I made it through a weak attempt at wiping down the kitchen counters before I admitted to James how tired I was.) He said not to worry about it and urged me to go relax on the back deck with Chloe. And so I did.



Sitting there in the breeze, ice cold water in my handle, puppy at my feet, my head clear and my heart full –  I smiled to myself and thought …

This is the sweetest thing.  


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